When your best friend tells you that he is getting married, while you may feel some initial regret at losing the good times you have had with your friend, you are glad he has found someone to be happy with and spend the rest of his life with. What you may also be glad for is the fact that you are the best man and the responsibility for the bachelor party has fallen to you. You want to make the party one that everyone will remember as a great time, but you also do not want it to turn into the next “Hangover” movie script. Here are some things you can do to create the best bachelor party no one will ever forget.

• Choose the Right Guests – More than likely there is a short list of really close friends that you want to be sure to invite for the bachelor party. You also want to invite some of the close relatives of the groom to the party as well. You do not have to make the guest list a huge affair and you also want to omit anyone that does not get along with others in the group. There is nothing worse than a fist fight breaking out before you have even done anything at the party.

Swinging From The Chandeliers - Have The Bachelor Party To Remember

• Choose the Right Spot – The great thing about a good bachelor party is that it can take place practically anywhere. You want to do something that everyone in the group is going to enjoy and make it an event that brings everyone together for a good time. That can mean having a party that involves strippers and gambling in Vegas or Atlantic City, hitting the Pebble Beach golf course for a round of golf, going rock climbing, spending the weekend in that hunting lodge or a nice dinner out. Pick something that fits nicely into everyone’s schedule and budget.

• The Time – The worst time to have the bachelor party is the night before the wedding. It is simply a recipe for disaster to do something like that. No one wants to be hungover for the wedding day or too tired to get through the day. Plan the date at least a week or two before the wedding and perhaps even the month before to give everyone enough time to recover.

• Be Responsible – Yes, you want everyone to have a good time, but as the best man you are responsible for the party and everything that goes on. This means you need to make sure all goes smoothly, no one drives home after too much drinking, the groom is paid attention to and his wishes respected and that all of the expenses are paid fairly, including covering for the groom for the party.

Swinging From The Chandeliers - Have The Bachelor Party To Remember

You can have a great bachelor party if you take the time to plan everything out right and put some thought and innovation into it all. Find something that the groom really enjoys and make a whole weekend out of it if you can. Through it all, you want to make sure you have a reliable ride to get you to the party. If it is time for a new car you should check out what the local Nissan Rialto  dealership has available at http://metronissanredlands.com so you can be sure to get to the party safely and on time. Do not forget to bring a camera either so you can relive the party down the road!