Help desk software

Confused between hosted and self-hosted help desk software? Well, hosted help desk software is the one which is hosted on the server to which you don’t have any access whereas self hosted help desk software is the one which is hosted on the server that you can procure through a provider. Hosted and Self hosted softwares can be considered as more or less the same as traveling through a bus and driving your own car, respectively. You have much more freedom to go wherever you want while driving your own car.

Though hosted help desk software is considered as a better one by most of the businesses, due to the vast technical support and higher reliability, it may not suit the businesses in some cases.

Let us have a look at why hosted help desk software may not be a good option for you.

As you don’t have any control over the source code, you do not have any customization powers as per the needs of your business.

  • In the long run, transaction fee becomes a major cause of concern, especially in case of products with low margins. So, it has to be taken care of.
  • It is difficult to go global as hosted solutions do not work efficiently in multiple countries.
  • Issues related to ownership can arise any-time as rules never remain the same. They may change anytime. Whatever is true today, may not hold any importance tomorrow. So you have to keep yourself prepared for any kind of sudden changes.

If you feel that hosted help desk software is not what you are looking for, then below are some reasons why self- hosted help desk software may suit your needs.

Ease and Flexibility in Customization

When you have access to the source code, you can always bring about changes in the software as per your business requirements. You do not have to compromise with what is being provided to you. Hosted software may lack something you want for your business. Whereas, with self hosted help desk software, you can always be innovative with the functionalities you want in your software.

Software Ownership

When you are the owner of the source code, you do not have to be concerned about the policies and rules. If you don’t own the code, you do not have access to the content which makes it difficult for you to get back ups when needed. Self hosted softwares relieve you from this tension.

Better Back End System Integration

Sometimes, a high degree integration at the back end is difficult with hosted solutions. In such cases, a self hosted online help desk software system comes to your rescue. No such issues crop up in case of self hosted solutions.

Better Functionality

With a variety of add-ons, themes, and much more available in case of self hosted softwares, there is an addition of advanced functionalities, which is impossible in case of hosted softwares.

Ability to Handle Large Stores

As they can be designed to suit any business, so there is no limitation in any aspect. Whatever be the size of the store, self hosted help desk softwares can be designed to cater to all the needs of the business.

Undoubtedly, there are more number of advantages of hosted help desk softwares but they do not suit all business. Every business has its own requirements which need to be met. Thus, it is important to analyse and keep in mind what your business actually needs. Only then you can make a wise choice between hosted and self hosted help desk software.