How to Get Blog Comments?

Writing a blog isn’t a hard thing. But making it reachable to your targeted audience is!

For times, I haven’t been lucky to get comments on my blogs. And this drives me crazy! So, one day I was sitting on my desk thinking – what to write today? And then out of nowhere I got the answer – write a blog on how to get more comments!

Comments – why, we the bloggers need them?

Because we are not writing just to convert our thoughts to words. But, we do it to generate more traffic. The more traffic we have on our blog, the more chances it is to grow.

So, I finally planned to start writing. Hmm, but then I wasn’t sure where to start. For this, I jumped on Google, typed in my query – how to get comments on blog – and got my answer. After reading through some of the blogs, I finally found one perfect match – Hot to Get Your First 500 Blog Comments. It is basically an infographic.

So, what I’ve learned from that blog is all here.

What Should You Be Equipped With?

Improve Your Web Design

This is perhaps the very first thing that matters. If you have some boring website design or you haven’t updated the design, you need to do it now. According to a research, the designs affected 94% people and they left because they didn’t like the website design.

Weekends Are The Best!

Everything must be done on a right time. This rule also applies to blog publishing. Write whenever you want, but it is best recommended to publish your blogs on weekends. I’m unsure about the reason. Perhaps on weekdays, not much can read your blogs as they are too occupied, and weekends give them the best time to reach you. Anyways whatever the reason is, it is better to publish your blogs on weekends.

Time Does Matter

With each passing day, the web is getting smarter. It is now easy to have a peek on the traffic. This gives us another idea – publish the blogs between 8-9 am. Like the reason of publishing on weekends, I think same would be the case with the time.

Make Them Subscribe!

Subscribing for your daily, weekly or monthly posts gives another way to increase the traffic on your website or blog. And with an increased number of the traffic, the number of comments will also arise.

But making others subscribing, isn’t an easy thing. Find the best way to increase the numbers of your subscribers.


Don’t hang them waiting for your reply. Getting comments is not easy, but letting them go ignored is!

When on the blogs, visitors comment and wait for your response. And when they do not get it, they are left heartbroken.

Just kidding!

But yes it is true that they are waiting for your comment, and when they don’t get one, they slowly start moving away. You don’t want to lose your audience. Always try to manage to reply, even if you get a comment after a year.

Publishing In Bulk

This is still confusing me!

Some say to post more blogs (on different blogs) and the others have an idea to publish as little as 2 for a week.

I think keeping the number of posts on your official blog low is a good idea. Unless you aren’t the only contributor. If you have a team, you can publish more. But still keep it low and follow a trend.

Publishing Your Posts!

There would be more ways to make others comment, but how about these 6? Don’t try to do a lot in less time. Start small, steadily growing.

Still unsure, let me recommend another way. Get help from a web content writing services company UK. Not only they will guide you to attract more comments, but they will also provide your services in developing a new blog for you. And with developing, you can also ask them to blog for you.

So, fellows share your ideas with the world and get a good number of comments on your blog!