…Seventh, clean the workplace and the office area. Call a home office cleaning company or organize the tasks and do everything by yourself. In some cases, this can even save you time and hustle, especially when it comes to a small home office. Clean the desk and polish all surfaces and upholstered furnishings. The metal surfaces are a little bit different from the wooden surfaces. Just make sure to use only non-abrasive waxes and cleaning detergents for objects like painted metal chairs, side tables, etc. There are also special pigmented waxes for leather upholstery that can restore shine and texture. Then, clean the PC area including all its adjacent parts and accessories like the printer, external hard disks, etc. Rearrange the files in the cabinets or attach new shelves for an easier organization. Then, clean the frames of paintings, mirrors, windows and other decorative parts, and finish the home office cleaning by wiping off dust.

Eighth, clean carpets and rugs throughout the entire house. They may need a little bit more time for drying, but it is also recommended first to clean the other dirty objects so to avoid any excessive spread of dirt and blemishes while cleaning the carpets. Spot clean with a grooming brush and make sure that your carpets have short fibers that can sustain such a treatment. Or else, call Lewisham carpet cleaners to take care for the heaviest soiled areas by the best possible way. They may use a hot water or a dry foam cleaning system, which can really make your carpets like new.

Ninth, vacuuming or pre-vacuuming is another great method to get rid of the bigger sand particles, dirt, dust and other blemishes. Especially pre-vacuuming is one of the quickest and easiest methods to prepare the carpets, the rugs and the other textile floor coverings in the house for deep cleaning.

Tenth, clean the library by using a duster with a flexible electrostatic charged head. It helps you to get easier through the tiny narrow spaces without applying to much force like wiping off dust from paintings, for example. A quick rearrangement of the books can change the atmosphere in the living room quite impressively.

Eleventh, deodorize and sanitize the areas that see the heaviest traffic. These are usually the worn areas of the floor coverings right next to tables, chairs, sofas and other daily used furnishings. Sanitizing is especially recommended if you have pets or small kids at home too. By applying even the smallest amount of a sanitizing agent to the cleaning detergent, it will turn into the best prevention from bacteria, pollens, germs and other allergens. Meanwhile, a deodorizing agent is the perfect addition to the dissolving power of the detergent, which can eliminate all odors from pets or molds, as well as repel future odors.

Twelfth, clean the utility areas and rooms like the basement or the celler. This may be the place, where you put off aside all the important, yet not frequently used objects in your house, as well as place for storing the bike, etc. Inspect all these objects and decide which ones are truly useless. Rearrange the others or make new shelves for a better organization. Sanitize the utility spaces with a sanitizing agent again and make sure that all the objects are well protected for the new season.

Thirteenth, spray the most frequently used objects and spaces in the house with a freshly cut lemon juice to add the final shades. For example, the lemon juice acts as the perfect deodorizer for the interior of the fridge and the freezer, as well as closets in the bedroom or the kitchen shelves.