Automation is a common part in the software world and because the SEO industry also relies heavily on software implementations, it is only natural that we eventually get multiple automated solutions designed for SEO purposes. The absolute, important thing that we should know is that SEO projects are essentially customizable. In this case, we couldn’t rely on a fixed checklist of items, because they won’t work on all websites. If a SEO specialist argues that he/she has one, then we should be very suspicious. It is true that such a list may work in a certain degree, but they are usable only for basic optimization tasks. To get real results, we need a good optimization campaign that includes improvements in content, website architecture and site codes. Automated SEO techniques don’t take into consideration the unique characteristics of websites and audience. It is considered unethical to have different faces of a website, such as showing users one thing and search engines another. There shouldn’t be any page that’s built exclusively for search engines.

This method could be considered as unethical and we could venture into the gray area. Unfortunately, automated SEO techniques could do something similar and it won’t involve effective text improvements, proper keyword analysis and site architecture enhancements. Automated SEO software could be affordable and straightforward, but we usually get what we pay for. Any software that only slaps some additional pages created specifically for search engine bots can’t be considered a SEO technique at all. It is simply a way to manipulate users. True SEO techniques should include in-depth changes on all webpages, which are not only to improve SEO performance, but also naturally enhance user experience. Racing trips can’t convert our family wagon into a high performance drag race car. It would require complete engine and suspension replacement, as well as reducing the overall weight by removing excess seats and other unnecessary items. This is also applicable for websites, because some of them could be based on sluggish or inefficient web platform that can’t compete to reach the 1st position in search engine results.

We should be wary of SEO specialists who only sit down and run their automation programs to “improve” our website. They may not talk about the need to enhance the architecture or layout of our website, but could be more interested in bragging about the performance of their automation program.

We should remember that SEO campaign should be consisted of manual labours with customized methods that could match the requirements of our website. Good SEO campaigns should take into account not only the search engine bots, but also user experience. Veteran SEO specialists have good understanding on their field and they have commanding knowledge of user experience. The end goal should be to boost traffic and this will eventually lead to improved sales and revenues. Bad SEO techniques could only bring in piles of irrelevant traffic that doesn’t provide anything, such as very low conversions and higher turnover rates.