These days everybody gives importance to eco friendly methods when it comes to using products or services. The same is applicable when it comes to saving electricity bills. Making use of sunlight to harvest solar energy for generating electricity can help considerably to cut down on your electricity bills.

Solar Energy for Parking Spaces

Solar parking lot lights are gaining huge popularity as they are one of the most effective ways onto saving electricity. Solar LED powered lights are easy to install, as it has only three major components namely:

  • Solar Array
  • Battery Storage
  • LED Lights

Solar array is the backbone of the solar panel as it helps in harvesting sunlight. These arrays consist of multiple solar cells known as PV panels that are closely interconnected to one another. These are located onto the top of the light poles where solar energy is easily accessible.

The solar energy gathered by these arrays gets stored into gel batteries. These need to be charged on regular basis and the energy stored can be used to generate electricity at nights. LED lights provide better lighting when compared to its counterparts.

Parking Lots Size and Solar LED Parking Lights

Not all parking lots have the same lighting solutions. Solar LED parking lights differ based on the size of the parking lots. You cannot have dim light for a huge parking lot. It becomes difficult to locate or park your car.

Some of the different types of solar LED parking lights are as below:

  • Flood or Street Lights
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Canopy Fixtures

Solar powered flood lights are able to offer lighting even in the remote places. This is beneficial for small or narrow parking lots. You might come across many companies that sell different types of solar powered LED Street or flood lights.

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Lighting fixtures can be an ideal solution if you have a huge parking lot space. Here again you can choose from different options based on what illumination levels that you need and the height of your lighting fixture.

If you prefer to park your vehicle in the shade to protect it from the harsh sunlight, then solar powered canopy fixtures would be an apt solution for you.

Why Go the Solar Way for Parking Lots

Still not convinced about solar lighting? Then the below points might finally prove a point and convince you to try out solar powered parking lots:

  • Compared to wired lighting, it can save you the cost of trenching and underground wiring
  • There will be no chance of blackouts or poor lighting
  • This is one of the most eco friendly methods of saving electricity
  • Batteries are capable of storing up to two nights of electricity

Not only this, solar flood or street lights can also provide better security by offering clear visibility from a distance This reduces chances of theft and criminal activities.


Try out solar powered parking lot lights and see the difference for yourself. Another added advantage you have here is that it lowers your maintenance costs, as these are durable in the long run.