Many people are having some kind of emotional problems and this could have an effect on their marital situations. Things may not stay the same and it could get really worse. When we are affected by this condition, it is important to understand more about our own emotions. Fluctuating emotions can infect or affect people around us. If we misunderstand our situation, we could lose out on many things. As human beings, we should have a complete understanding on ourselves. After all, we are spirit and soul encased inside a physical human body.

When we are talking about emotions, mind and willpower, soul is probably the most discussed topic. In fact, emotions are just like little spoiled brats of our soul and it is a part of us that doesn’t want and like to be told what to do. Everyone has been fighting their own emotions, especially when they are sad and depressed. Even the strongest willed people still need to delicately handle their emotions to make sure that they can perform at the very best. In this case, we should what our emotions really and how they can change our behaviours. We should be the master of our own emotions, instead becoming its slaves.

Emotions and feelings become more significant during our social interactions. They often get in the way of things that we want to do. It often becomes a contest between our mind and emotions, while we watch helplessly, hoping that our emotions won’t cause too much problems in the end. To perform well each day, people should be able to put their emotions and feelings in check each day. While people struggle with their emotions and feelings, they often need to give respects to others, which can be somewhat difficult to do. The problem is, if they don’t go to work, it isn’t possible for them to get their bills paid and this could cause some emotional tensions and conflicts.

We could become even more uncomfortable emotionally when this situation continues to occur. This could cause more and more unwanted emotional and physical responses. We should be able to examine the true purposes of our feelings and emotions. Without the proper emotional maturity, many social relationships are doomed to fail. This could also affect many marriages and their failures are actually attributed to emotional issues. So, enough delay and what are emotions? It is said that emotions are our internal sensibilities or agitation of the passions. In this case, we could have strong feelings of love, hate, reverence, sorrow and joy.

Emote is the root word of emotion and it has the same meaning with emotion. Linguistically, emotion is related to effusive, which is equal to unrestrained in emotional expression and irrepressibly demonstrative. In this case, we should be aware that emotions are generally unrestrained and they could be controlled only with some amount of efforts. In order to control emotions, we should be able understand its functions.