There are proper ways we can do to wash our super cars. First of all, we should get our mitt completely soapy and wet. It is a good idea to start at the top to save time and ensure better results. The soapy water that runs down the lower part of the car will further rinse it. We should worry about cleaning the wheels and tire later. Our first focus must be on the painted surfaces. Depending on supercar models and designs, they have different external sections. We should work on one section at a time and after applying some soap, we should rinse it with a stream of water with gentle pressure.

We should proceed until all surfaces are completely washed and rinsed. After we wash our car, we should dry it completely by hand and make sure that all dried spots are no longer there. When using towels, we need to make sure that they are 100 percent cotton and that includes the edge parts and stitches. This should minimize fine swirl marks. Chamois is still the safest and best options to dry our paint. When using chamois, we should make sure that it doesn’t get stained. So, when drying the car surface with chamois, we should also use some cloth towels to dry dirty areas like wheel arches and door jams.

When using chamois, we can simply with it down and then ring it out. We can wipe it gently across the painted surfaces and the chamois will suck up water like a sponge. We should wring it out once it is full of water. We should do this until the painted surface is dry. Compared to standard cars, wheels on supercars are relatively larger. Some wheels are clear coated or painted. Like the rest of the car’s surface, it needs to be properly treated and cleaned. Supercar wheels may also be coated with magnesium or aluminium. While others are chrome polished or anodized.

Compared to other parts of the car, wheels get dirty more easily and quickly. When choosing wheel cleaners, we shouldn’t choose the hose off and spray on type. They usually contain harsher chemicals that are intended to clean surfaces with the use of water and soap. We should use non-abrasive chrome polish for chrome wheels; and non-abrasive wheel cleaner for non-chrome wheels. Use wash mitt or sponge along with the cleaning product to remove all grime and dust. When we are done, we can use soft terry cloth towel to dry the wheels.

Tires are another part of the supercar that we need to clean properly. Each car models have specific tire sizes and models. There are different types of tire dressing we could use for our tire. We may prefer tire with original black look with minimal look, but some of us could choose the “wet” look. It should be noted that tire dressing should be applied only for the outer edge. If it is applied on the tread, the tire could lose its grip, making the car more dangerous to use during high-speed manoeuvres.