Many of you love to get the excitement of meeting gorgeous women when you are away from family or while going for any business tour. Best way to get such intimate experience with beautiful women would be to hire an escort service from a reputed agency.

When you are getting any escort from, then you will get few beautiful intelligent girls to provide you adult entertainment. You can have all kinds of fun in your hotel room or wherever you have decided to meet them.

In order to make your encounter with these beautiful girls a memorable one you will prefer to do certain experiments before going for actual sex.

These hot and sexy escort girls will also like to have some fun with their clients as any serious looking calm face of their customer will make them uncomfortable and also kill all the mood of engaging in any sex activity.

You can create certain titillating foreplay before going for real sex which will not only arouse these girls to provide you more fun during sex but also you will enjoy your moment with them in the best possible manner.

Why not generate few erotic edibles and try to get innovative and here are few ideas given in subsequent paragraphs?

  1. Chocolate sauce

Consider something syrupy which is a pleasure while playing with, though honey can be quite sticky. You can think of using spoons, try to do tiny paintbrushes and draw chocolate map all over your body meant for your girl to comply with.

Even the escort too can do that for you.

2. Champagne

You can use Champagne but ensure that it should not saturate sheets or flooring. Use just enough so that you can teasingly lick-up every drop.

Sparkling drink chilled few hours before will surely add more fun.

3. Fruit

Use any fruit juice e.g. soft mangoes, oranges, grapefruit or small watermelon pieces to scrub over the body of the girl.

Not only will it give better feeling but also the juices can easily help you to turn-on. Make sure that nothing sticky is left there to indicate additional sucking.

4. Chilled and warm water

Perhaps you may not want all the area too cosy or cool for two of you, yet it will be possible for you to play with temperature. You may dip your fingers into ice water before having fun with nipple and boob areas of the escort girls.

5. Popsicles

This treat must not be used anywhere, however it will integrate both fruit and chill, so you can strike two birds with a single stone.

You can make video game by feeding each other, also trace few mouth-watering lines about each other’s bodies and later you can cleanse up.

What are you waiting for then? Try to check various escort agencies available in the city where you currently are and locate your right bedroom partner, and experiment with all these edible enhancements that can enliven your sex.

You will surely experience enjoyable and also terrific sex with the escort and you will remember for a long time about your sexual encounter.