Building A Case To Protect Your Best Interests

After you have been hurt at work, you may wonder what steps to take next.  Should you see a doctor and seek out immediate treatment?  Should you just ignore the injury or illness out of fear of being fired from your job?

Your coworkers, family members, and friends may rush to give you advice.  However, when you listen to an experienced law firm, court mediator or workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon injured workers like you can protect your best legal interests and start building a case to take to court if necessary.

Finding Out if You Have a Case

You might not even know if you have a case until you speak to an attorney.  You may believe that your employer will be able to prove that you caused the accident and are responsible for your own injury.  You fear that you might be wasting your time and that of any attorney with whom you speak.

However, you will not know for sure if you have a case that you can take to court and win until you actually take the time to speak with an experienced lawyer.  The lawyer will know what the state’s workers comp laws are and whether or not your employer is at fault.  He or she may also be able to gather evidence that will exonerate you from being blamed and put the burden of the accident at the feet of your employer.

Free Consultation

You may also worry that hiring an attorney is too expensive and that you can never afford to retain one.  You can put those worries to rest by using the free consultation option available to injured workers like you.  During this free meeting, you can find out how much the services will cost you and how the lawyer will be paid.  You may find it more affordable than you originally believed.

An on-the-job injury should not stop you from pursuing legal actions against your employer.  You can get the legal help you need and put worries about money to rest by meeting with a skilled workers comp lawyer today.