How To Pick A Perfume : Everything You Needed To Know

Personality of an individual is known to be built by a number of factors, one of which happens to be the body mist. Nobody would like to interact with a person with bad body odour or someone who probably uses a body mist that sets a depressing tone. That being said, it is also important to understand that different people have different preferences when it comes to body mists and perfumes. But, still a lot of people face difficulties in searching or that perfect body fragrance that defines their personality. Here is a small guide which describes everything you wish to know about choosing a perfume.

What is Meant by EDP?

While choosing a perfume, you must have come across the terms EDP, EDT and EDC. The difference between these three is the difference in the concentration. EDP stands for eau de parfum and is a perfume in its true potential. It is composed of aromatic essential oils and some solvents. It is basically used to scent human body, food, animals and sometimes inanimate objects as well.

What is Meant by EDT?

EDT stands for eau de toilette which can be translated to toilet water and is used soon after taking a shower or using the toilet. It is a body mist but isn’t as highly scented as EDP. It is also regarded as “aromatic water” and is often used after shaving. It is originally composed of alcohol, some volatile oils and a fragrant scent.

What is Meant by EDC?

EDC stands for Eau de cologne and is also known simply as cologne. It is one of the most well known type of body mist known so far and is quite common as well. The name cologne is given to these perfume as it originated in Cologne, Germany. It is composed of diluted alcohols and some citrus oils.

How Do You Know If The Mist Is Right For You?

Selecting a fragrance and especially a perfume is a bit daunting. The simplest way to do it is to ask for a perfume sample box that most of the perfume retailers have. So, what you need to do is get a perfume sample box, to do sampling of the perfumes before buying. Here’s what you will check for while sampling: –

Ignore the beautiful packaging, the designer and the brand and concentrate on the mist while you select the perfect one for you. The purpose is to find the fragrance that defines you and not get carried away by the, marketing tactics. Just use the perfume sample box and try it. No matter how big the brand is if the perfume doesn’t smell good do not go for it. But if you love a fragrance, don’t restrain yourself from buying it.

Spritz a bit of the perfume on your skin, let it sit their and if it stays there for the entire day, go for it. Perhaps most of us do not have the time to wait the whole day. So, the trick here is to apply the mist and hang around for a couple of hours in the shopping complex and if the fragrance stays until the rest of your shopping is done, then go for it.

This was everything that you should know while buying yourself or someone else that perfect set of perfume. Go for everything that is mentioned in the above section and you will find the ideal one.