Biotechnology has been found as the most popular and progressive advancement in the field of science. It is a specific field, where you study different subjects associated with science and technologies. During the course, you study the method to create a new product and the process to modify the existing one.

The field of Biotechnology is so versatile that it can be applied across several industries. Whether it is pharmaceutical, chemical, food, medicine or nutrition, you can find the use of biotechnology everywhere. Pursuing a career in the respective area creates ample opportunities for you. As some of the top B.Sc Biotechnology colleges in Uttarakhand are known for delivering quality education, you can register for the specific institute.

What is the eligibility criteria to pursue a career in Biotechnology domain?

Candidates completed their 10th in science stream can pursue B.Sc in Biotechnology. It is mandatory for an individual to secure at least 55% marks in 10+2. It is required for the person to complete their degree from a recognized board. There is certain best M.Sc Microbiology college in Dehradun are also known to provide biotechnology education so you can opt for that.

What one can do with a bachelor degree in Biotechnology?

After completing a bachelor in biotechnology, you can have multiple positions to apply for. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Biotechnical Scientist

To be a Biotechnical Scientist, some research experience is required. These professionals work in a group of scientists on the assigned project. It is required for these individuals to have command on different programming languages. While working as a biotech scientist, you need to have better interpersonal skills.


A Bioinformatics specialist work is to design, develop and make use of tools to obtain details about the biotech processes. It is required for these professionals to implement different tools and examine the data obtained from them. It would be ideal if you obtain a doctorate degree in biotechnology with different specialized subjects such as molecular biology, informatics, bioinformatics, computational biology, and a number of others. There are certain situations, where the experience works. Also, it is mandatory to have sound knowledge of different programming language.


Usually, Biotech researchers get maximum freedom. They help in defining the range and scope of doing research. It is beneficial for these professionals to have a doctorate degree with relevant years of experience in the respective domain. Organizations dealing in the Biotechnology domain always search for talented researchers, who can ensure high returns. These individuals communicate and establish a strong network with other scientists around the world, who are working in the same domain.


If you find the role of a professor attractive, you can apply for it. According to the type of institute, the role of these professionals varies. You can be designated on different positions such as lecturer, associate professor, assistant professor, full-time professor, etc. Being a professor, you are responsible for developing research programs for the department you are dealing in.


Pursuing a bachelor degree in Biotechnology is highly beneficial as the industry is growing continuously. After completing B.Sc in Biotechnology, you can work both inside and outside the nation as organizations are interested in hiring these candidates.

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The Rajiv Dutt is a Career Counselor at BFiT institute. He holds several years of experience in the educational domain. As he understands the industrial demands, he shared this post to the students, who want to earn their degree in Biotechnology domain.