Whether you own an apartment building or a large warehouse, industrial chillers systems can help keep your large space nice and cool. Not only does an industrial chiller system keep everyone inside the building from feeling the heat, but it’s also vital in making sure the inner workings of your building don’t overheat and fail. Industrial chiller systems vary greatly in size, scale and function, so knowing how to find the right chiller system for your building takes time and thought. Here are some tips for navigating the chiller system search process to ensure you find a unit that you can rely on.

Narrow the Field

There are many factors that will influence which cooler system you end up choosing, such as heat load, flow rate, temperature and coolant type. Gather the information needed to determine whether or not a unit is big enough to work efficiently throughout your building. By eliminating specific units that don’t pertain to your specific needs, you’ll be able to focus your attention solely on systems that meet your requirements.

Air Cooled or Water-Cooled?

While you may not notice much of a difference between an air-cooled and water-cooled chiller system, they do have differences in terms of how they operate. Water-cooled chillers are lightweight and highly efficient but require large amounts of water. On the other hand, air-cooled chillers are made of fewer parts and are more environmentally friendly, but tend to be costlier than water-cooled chillers. Study each type of chiller in-depth to learn which one makes the most sense for you.

Prepare Installation Area

Ensuring your industrial chiller system works properly means installing it in an environment where it won’t be subjected to harm. Try and install your chiller in an area that will require minimal additional accessories. A clean, temperate environment is ideal for chiller systems and will allow them to run more efficiently.

Ensure Reliability

Industrial chillers systems should be counted on to maintain a comfortable temperature in your building. When browsing industrial chillers manufacturers, be sure to take note of their experience and customer satisfaction. Reading what people are saying online about certain chiller systems can help you get a sense of which unit is right for you. Manufacturers should only be considered if they have a track record of efficient installations. A company that can provide you with immediate support and proven services will ensure your chiller system is in good hands.