Surfing is challenging sport and cannot just be picked up easily. Many of them have added surf learning in their bucket list but are unaware whether they will be able to do it or not. Often, it is a fear of failure that keeps people away from even trying.

Below are some beginner surfer’s tips, which are aimed to help them try to push their adrenaline on the waves. Ease you worries and make attempts. No one has just jumped on surfboard the very first time and snagged on a barreling overhead wave. Like other sports, you need to learn surf techniques and become better. Certainly, it needs time and effort on your part.

Tips to become great surfer

Avoid learning on your own

It looks easy but to learn surfing on your own is a bad approach. The basic stuff like how to hold surf board or do duck dive or turtle roll or get past breaks needs an experienced instructor to teach. You can get injured or put your or others life in danger trying on your own. Even if you have a friend, who will give you advice may not trigger as body types differ. Therefore, if you want to learn it ideally then book at Bodhi Del Mar’s Surf Camp. It is a good destination with good reef, point, and beach breaks.

Opt for good instructors

Research the instructors in advance. Ensure they are experienced and have good reviews. A good instructor not just teaches you surfing techniques but makes you adore surfing.

Get a large surf board with soft top

Large entry boards with soft top are ideal. Large board helps to learn better basic mechanics and so you can catch plenty of stages in early learning stage. Moreover, you will spend more time sitting on the board than standing, so soft tops are safe than epoxy and fiberglass options.

Surf at beginner’s wave

Appropriate beach for novice surfers is necessary. Learn to surf on beach popular for clear and steady waves to smoothen the learning curve. Handling small waves in the start will help you better in capturing large ones. You may feel as if you are prepared but unless your instructor says so you are not. With dedication, you will obviously be a better surfer.

Spend time on sand first

As you reach the beach never rush inside the water. Do some stretching on the sands to warm up. Check your leash, watch the waves, and see what other surfers do. It is a good habit, which will linger even past the beginner’s rank.

Never get dangled with experienced surfers

Keep distance from seasoned surfers as they surf the most challenging waves. Beginners are prone to make plenty of errors, so it is wise to avoid getting in the other surfers’ way. Safety for yourself and others is crucial, when you are in the water.

Practice sitting on board and padding

Sitting on surf board comfortably is hard, so practice this. Even paddling will need practice. Find a rhythm and manage it. In the beginning, this can be exhausting but you can add yoga learning along with surfing activity.

Have fun

No matter what you do or where you are, not enjoying it is unworthy. So remember to have fun, while riding the waves.