How To Stop Drinking Diet Coke Tips For Those Trying To Stop Drinking Diet Coke

Want to know some helpful ways to learn how to quit drinking diet Coke? Learning to quit drinking Diet Coke can be very much like a nicotine addict trying to quit smoking. You can stop drinking Diet Coke, Regular Coke, and other unnatural carbonated beverages with a few tips.

I quit drinking Diet Coke and here are some tips I used to do this. You will feel better, look better, and improve your health by learning to stop drinking Diet Coke.

How to Stop Drinking Diet Coke Tip#1: If You See It…

A great rule of thumb when dieting, learning to stop smoking, or learning to stop drinking Diet Coke to improve your health is to stop buying it. If you do not have the Diet Coke in your eye sight every time you open the refrigerator, then you will not be constantly reminded of it.

Now, this tip seems simple, but it works. I had great success when I tried to stopped drinking Diet Coke, but every time it was available, I would often cave in. So, I quit buying it. Without it in my fridge I only had to worry about temptation outside the house.

How to Stop Drinking Diet Coke Tip#2: Reward Yourself

Tip 2 really is twofold. First reward yourself with your efforts to quit drinking Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi by having other healthier drinks in your home that you like. If water is not a big favorite of yours, then try products like flavored waters, Crystal Light, and Wyler’s sugar free drink mixes.

I also find iced teas to be a great alternative to Diet Coke. If you are not quitting drinking Diet Coke to avoid caffeine, then the iced teas will give you that little boost without all the unnatural ingredients found in diet Coke.

Now, the second phase of step two in how to quit drinking Diet Coke is to reward yourself monetarily. Money does talk. A fun treat for yourself is to figure out how much you were spending on Diet Coke everyday.

Each day you successfully make it through with out drinking Diet Coke, you put the money in a jar or piggy bank.

For days you do break your resolution to quit drinking Diet Coke you have to remove the money. At the end of the month use yoru money for a special treat for yourself!

These tips helped me quit drinking Diet Coke. I hope you likes these ideas, tips, and tricks for curing Diet Coke addictions and cravings.