Since the iPhone has become one of the, if not the most owned smartphone worldwide, developers and sports betting sites are doing their best to get their applications up and running to attract more customers. Regardless of the version of iPhone you carry, what’s great about sports betting apps on the iOS platform is that they are easily accessible even on older versions of the iPhone, although you will require a decent amount of memory and at least one of the recent iOS platforms to access the sports betting apps.

iOS Sports Betting vs. Other Apps

As compared to the sports betting apps that are available on other platforms, the major benefit of using iOS sports betting apps is the iOS platform itself. The fact is that iOS currently offers the smoothest operating system which makes using applications including sports betting applications a breeze. Since the iOS updates automatically on virtually every device, users of iPhones can easily access virtually any sports betting app.

A Strict Policy for Real-Money gambling

Apple still maintains a strict policy when it comes to real-money mobile applications that are available on the iTunes App Store. The policy is one of the main reasons why every major sports betting service such as, Australian owned BlueBet has the BlueBet App to reach out to more customers in Australia. While there are some restrictions that are imposed by Apple because different countries have different legislation regarding gambling, those restrictions do not necessarily harm those who want to place sports bets in Australia.

A Variety of Sports Betting Apps

Another advantage of using sports betting apps on iOS devices is the fact that the player gets to choose from a variety of different sports betting apps. Since almost every bookmaker worth its salt is looking to offer a mobile app version of their service to attract new customers, this means that users who want to make the switch from punting on their PC to using a sports betting app on their iOS device will find many options to choose from. That said, players have to be careful while downloading apps since some are better than others.

Bonuses and Extra Features

This point ties nicely into the previous one, which is that while there is no dearth of sports betting apps available for iOS devices, not all sports betting apps are created equal. Some of the bounties of using a sports betting app rather than going on a website, is because it’s easier and enables the player to take advantage of the same features and bonuses as they would on the sports betting website. Making the right choice means you can take advantage of some incredible bonuses and loyalty bonuses while playing on a sports betting app on your iOS device.

Sports betting and casino apps started popping up on iTunes around 2012, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. When it comes to sports betting apps, using iOS apps is a great choice for punters who want to place a wager on their favourite sports.