When you are enrolled in a 200 level psychology course, you may begin to feel overwhelmed as you will immediately notice a steep increase in difficulty from the 100 style of classroom activity as well as workload. While it may seem scary or even impossible, with the proper preparation and hard work one can easily excel in this course.

Perhaps the most important step to succeeding in a course like this is taking the time to get to know your professor. By knowing precisely what she or she wants in your writing or any other sort of work you will already be several steps ahead of everyone else. Try to immediately schedule office hours with the professor and find out what exactly he or she is looking for in your work. This also shows that you have a genuine interest in the topic and that you are good and responsible student.

Assigned reading is essential. When any sort of reading is assigned, it is absolutely essential that you than write it down and then later study it thoroughly. Although you may have gotten away with minor slacking while enrolled in easier psychology courses, you’ll find that if you do not read all of the text assigned to you, you will immediately begin to fall behind and do poorly on all future tests. Trust me, I learned this the hard way.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. There have been so many times when I have not asked a question for one reason or another, and this lead to misunderstandings as well as a few wrong answers on tests. If you’re unsure something, never be afraid to ask. Professors are generally very understanding and will be more than happy to help.

When it comes time to complete a project, be sure to use the guidelines set by your professor when you had met with him or her. Be thorough and if you’re wondering if you should put something in or leave it out, you are generally better off adding it to your assignment.

Keep in mind that psychology is a very complex subject. Sometimes things aren’t as straightforward as they seem. Psychology can be deceiving as well as can be incredibly confusing. Remember this at all times! You will not get by by simply reading information and doing your best to memorize it, you must know the inner meanings of all the different theories that you will learn in class.

In closing, I can only offer a few more tips. Be sure to attend every class. This should be obvious, but you would be surprised at the number of people who will skip. Bring your book to class, even if only for image. If you are diligent and hardworking, passing a 200s level Psychology course can be simple.