Like every country has its own wine market, so does France. It is actually doing great in the wine market. The continent that comes at the position of number 1 when it comes to the wine consumption in the world, it is Europe. The export turnover in the year 2017 for wines was estimated to be 8.7 billion Euros. There is a consulting agency called Baghera Wines who has the experts that are really passionate about the great wines of various international collectors. The company was founded in 2015. The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland and offers various live and online auctions. The most expensive wine bottle present in the world has known to be sold by the company – Jeroboam Romanee Conti 1999, sold 763000 Euros.

Baghera Wines – The Success Story

This company – Baghera Wines has created its success over time. The company was founded in 2015 and made its name quickly for the perseverance, endurance and the quality of the wines on the offers. The company has experts who have the experience of many years in the international wine auctions field. There are many collectors present around the world who are interested in the exceptional wines and would love to acquire them for nothing else than their personal collection. Baghera wines, in their 13 Internet auctions editions, have sold wines for around 3.5 million Swiss francs. The success of the company keeps on growing and reflecting the dedication of the team to the quality of the sold wines.  The company has so much of experience in the process of authenticating the exceptional wines bottles and they use this knowledge to benefit from all the professionals, clients and collectors.

Counterfeiting Wines – The Risk on the Market

The counterfeiting is legion whether the place is anywhere else or France. All the internet sales of the various estate and great wines like Romanee Conti, Mutton Rothschild, or Petrus are monitored pretty closely. These names are simply irresistible to all the biggest collectors present around the world and these are constantly counterfeit. To prevent the counterfeiting, there are various things that must be considered. Particularly, it is advised to buy these directly from the reputable sites, small producers, or to the property. The auctions of Baghera Wines are a label of quality as Baghera Wines is a well-known wine auctioneer.

Baghera Wines – The Company and the Positioning for the Wine Authentication

The company has put so many efforts for providing the perfect authentication to all its wines. Only the best wines are selected and then are subjected to strict control measures and are offered authentication. The reliability of all the exceptional bottles is guaranteed by Baghera Wines and it allows the entire amateur collectors to buy the bottles they want in an auction, without falling for counterfeit.

The authentication of the wines is what the company offers. It allows the collectors to get indulged in their passion by having their trusty relationships with the estates from where these wines come.