6 Best Backup Solutions For Your Small Business

Data loss is the core point of every technology managers’ worst nightmare. Equipment failures, inclement weather and unreliable hosting are some common factors that are responsible for and can result in lost data access. Depending on the continuity planning and unemployment, this lost access could also be permanent. Fortunately, there are several data backup solutions and managed virtual server available that can securely and safely archive your essential data and files.

6 Best Backup Solutions For Your Small Business

The loss of any confidential data, from website content to details of a customer, can be quite crippling for any business. If you own a business and struggling to develop an approach to your business continuity planning against data loss on a limited budget, the cloud data backup solution could be the best choice for mid or small sized business.Storage and backup needs differ from business to business needs.

Here is a list of best data backup solutions that cover a wide range of options from small to midsize businesses in terms of ease of features, price, and use.


Dropbox is a cost-effective and easy to use the backup solution if your business needs to back up some important individual files or folders rather than the entire systems. Using Dropbox, you can even share files with users through a unique URL. Dropbox is an affordable and covenant solution for sharing individual files and backing up.


iDrive offers a flexible backup solution for small business it solutions, involving the provider’s great personal backup options, that includes direct online data storage, and downloads from a network and local devices with additional business capabilities. With iDrive, you also get many options for administrators, that includes medical, legal, accounting and financial organizations.


CrashPlan is a versatile online data backup solution. Targeted to startups and small businesses, the service includes great flexibility in data volume and much more. When you backup the data with CrashPlan, get ready to reap all the benefits of redundancy. CrashPlan has a great track record and has been successfully provided top-notch storage services.


Backup Blaze service provider has introduced themselves as a backup solution for firms that need business continuity at low prices. With Backup Blaze, users are able to easily back up each device on their network. Backup Blaze has been a perfect choice for personal backups, it also suits all the needs of small business users.


SOS online backup solution is quite similar to above mentioned and recommended cloud-based data backup solution, IDrive, however with some differences. SOS online backup solution is faster at backing up all your business files and data, but it is generally expensive.


Carbonite is the top most recognizable online backup solution. Carbonite is also one of the easy to use online backup solutions around, it has decent mobile applications and it’s a good investment for your business.


Using business backup solutions is important when it comes to making sure that a startup or small business organization run smoothly. Small business IT support services can help you get these backup providers to backup your important data and get the job done more smoothly.