Car Accidents: Understanding The 3 Types Of Distracted Driving

Driving a car is not without its dangers. An alert and conscious driver needs to be aware of all possible dangers. Which is why training before driving is very essential. Accidents cannot be categorized specifically but different vehicles have different accident probabilities. Distraction is the main cause of vehicle accidents around the world hence a driver should be aware of to avoid distracted driving and what kinds of distracted drivings are there.

Distracted driving is dangerous and one should be aware of how to avoid any possible likelihood of a crash and drive in an alert manner. With some many things going on while driving, one can easily get distracted, hence it is crucial you eliminate such distractions beforehand. Here are a few types of distraction driving that you must read about as a passenger vehicle driver:

1.The Visible distraction –

This type of distraction is fundamental and can happen to anyone. While driving the main aim is to input all your attention – both mental and visual, to the road ahead. Your attention can easily get deviated with this type of distraction that can include visual obstructions such as adjusting the radio often, chatting with the passenger, or adjusting your mirror to keep an eye on the backseat especially if you are travelling with a youngone.
Though we all do these often, they can easily be labeled as distractions that can cause you to crash into something absolutely unprecedented.

2. The cognitive distraction –

This type of distraction is mostly psychological. Your consciousness is divided amongst what you are doing and what your mind is thinking, and this distraction develops when both your mind and work are not in sync. Your mind is occupied with other thoughts and you lose attention. While some call is daydreaming, this could be due to many reasons as well. Hence get behind the steering if you feel your mind is not in a distracted state and you are ready to input all your concentration on the road.

3. The manual distraction –

We are all guilty of pursuing this and while we might not agree, we have been manually distracted most of the times. Manual distraction are actions when we are too confident about being able to handle things like picking up something from the backseat, taking our hands off the steering wheel to grab the phone, or indulging in one of the most deadly distractions – using your smartphone to text or call.

Falling prey to any of these distractions can be deadly and you could end up in a bad car accident. While hiring a Car Accident Attorney Lake Charles is easy, in case you or your loved one is involved in a car accident, one should take care of their safety and make it a priority when driving.

Make sure you pull over and stop a safe point in order to receive a call or if you need to use your phone. If you have to leaving the steering to pick something up from underneath the seat or from the backseat, make sure you stop at the roadside and then proceed. Also, if you are not fully conscious or feel the need to ask someone else to driver, make sure either you call a cab or let someone else take the steering. Remember, your safety is in your hands.