Many of us may have heard about the Second World War, but we might not know what was happening during this time. The World War 2 lesson plans to educate students on the matter about what was happening during this era. The war started back in the year 1939 in Europe specifically Germany where other countries like China, United States of America, and the Soviet Union joined later.

Introduction to World War 2

The war involved two opposing military alliance, the Axis and the allies which made it the most wind spread war in history and put the lives of the peoples concerned in much danger. Dulling this time over 70milion peoples died which makes the battle to become the most deadly human conflict in the history.

The causes of the war are believed to be related to the agreement made after the First World War. After the world war 1 Germany economy became very bad due to the fine imposed on them by the victorious nation also they were very depressed, these are some the reasons that made Germany start the war.

The World War 2 lesson plans will help us to understand about the treaties that came after the First World War which in some ways contributed to the rise of the Second World War which stopped in 1945. The allies who were the majority were able to win the war, which lead to the Soviet Union and the United States of America becoming the world superpower.

World War 2 simulation games

The World War 2 simulation game, help students to understand the theoretical learning that they do in their class. They get the opportunity to take the role of the war leaders, some of the activities that were done dulling time of the war, like problem-solving, form alliances, negotiate deals, conduct diplomacy and other businesses involved.

The primary objective of the World War 2 simulation game is to help the learner understand the European and the Asia geography, and they will know a particular country location. It also aids in identifying the background of the countries involved in the war. Simulation games help the student to understand the alliances made during the war.

The student with this simulation games can learn the importance of the control of the natural resources in the country instead of using it to create war. When playing the game, one is able learn the merits, and the demerits of the alliances made during the war. It also helps the student to have a good understanding of the sense of nationalism for their countries the simulation game summary also teaches the student about the cause and the background of the war.