People in Liverpool, like in any other part of the world, love eating chocolates. And the lucky part is that Liverpool does have some of the most amazing Chocolatier shops in the world. These great sweet boutiques are where you can satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings. If it’s not enough you can at and indulge in the countless food and fruits themed slots. Magical Vegas is a leading online casino where you can discover some sweet threats by playing online slots such as Candy Dreams, Cutie Fruits, Cash Scoop, Stickers, Cash Diner, Fruits Vs Candy, Candy Bars, So Much Candies, and much more.

Coco Baroque

There is no candlestick maker or butcher here, but only the chocolatier called Stephen and the baker called Steve at Coco Baroque. This Chocolatier and Artisan Bakery Shop opened its door in 2012 and it has since been one of the favourite local destination in Liverpool. Here you can enjoy the fresh truffles, as well as simple cakes with a rustic feel to a wide range of other tasty treats. Only the best local ingredients are used at Coco Baroque and their aim is to bring back the old memories. They remain try to the traditional recipes while adding new flavours to make them even more delicious.

Café Thorntons

Thornton can be found all over the UK, but it still holds an honourable place at Liverpool, special the one found at Liverpool One. This café give you a spacious lounge to relax and enjoy the delicious cakes and hot chocolate with your friends and family. They have a wide selection of chocolates with different flavours. Here you will find everything from the wide range of ice creams to the alcohol flavoured truffles and nutty chocolates. Although they might be a little pricey, you can expect great quality. The drinks, cakes and sandwiches here so attractive here that you want to have them all.

Zorba Sweets

One of the guilty pleasures of many Liverpudlian is the Zorba Sweets Shop located in Liverpool One. Pic and Mix is taken to a whole new level here, while you can expect great products and an excellent service. What’s great about Zorba Sweet is that they have someone for people of different ages, and does not make sweets just for kids like many other establishments. You can expect a huge sugar rush and a bigger smile when you leave this place. It will most probably remind you of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you have a sweet tooth, this place is definitely where you can go.


Sugarcane Shop is the place to be in Liverpool if you are looking for Marshmallows, Chocolate, Sherbet, Liquorice, Sugar Free Sweets, Coconut Ice, Handmade Fudge, Toffee Sweets, Candy Canes, Whirly Lollies, Chew Bars, Pick n Mix, Boiled Sweets and much more. Coming straight out of a dream, Sugarcane has everything that you could ever wish for and all their sweets are just divine. The service is fast, while the people working there are helpful and friendly. Everything at Sugarcane is well organised and tidy and you could easily purchase more than you wanted here.