6 Tips To Ensure That You Are Connected To Business 247

To highlight your brand name and make its reach possible to most of the areas, it is important that your customers can contact you whenever needed. Most of the times, the delays caused by the business entrepreneurs in replying to their customers can be the reason to lose money and business opportunities. Therefore, ensure that you are connected with your customers 24/7 so that you may not miss any chance that comes in your way.

The introduction of 24 hour call centre is not a new subject. But discussing it here is important so that you can be well aware of the benefits of 24 hour call centres.

Here are 6 ways through which you can connect with your customer and provide them with an uncompromising customer service:

Plan ahead:

Communication is the key to any business. It is important to stay connected with your business even outside your working hours because customers would not prefer the idea of waiting for a query response. Plan beforehand the various services that you think are beneficial for your customers. Create processes to increase sales, enhance your communication channels, avoid excommunications, and increase customer’s satisfaction.

It is obvious that you would not know what issues could arise while delivering services to the customers, but planning or sorting the roadblocks or creating a backup plan beforehand can help you to streamline your work and manage in-house as well as outsourced staff.

Get social:

Most of your current or targeted clients are active on social networking sites. They might search a brand that can understand their queries and resolve them as quickly as possible. To ensure that you do not miss such opportunities keep your website updated and connected to the social world. Create enchanting landing pages and link your marketing, sales, and latest updates with the cloud so as to connect with your customers directly.

Use cloud services:

Cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive help you to fetch customer’s information whenever needed. Also, you can share the important details with the team in order to collaborate in solving real-time queries and eliminate saving data on hard drives. Cloud services provide virtual space for the agents making it easy to provide 24 hour answering service to the customers.

Use a customer service platform:

Choose a customer service platform which helps to collect all the required information and queries at one place. This system will make it easier to use and track responses. While your users are contacting you through different communication channels, having one system that collects all the request irrespective of the method without losing any data can be a big advantage.

Choose proper data coverage:

Chose proper network coverage and internet connectivity so that you might not lose any important call, information, and query. With right data coverage and connectivity, you can reduce the number of dropped calls or missed texts from the clients.

Hire a virtual service platform:

It is nearly impossible for a live agent to take calls without dropping any. A virtual receptionist might facilitate your situation. Try incorporating a virtual receptionist into your business. A virtual assistant can handle your calls 24/7, assist in handling calls, transfer important messages and calls over to you, leave voicemails, without being physically present in the office premises.


Being away from your business and managing or serving your customers round-the-clock can be tough. Chose the best platforms to run your business, correct and appropriate networks, uninterrupted data coverage, Omni-present communication channels, and specialised agents who can handle your business while you are away. 24 hour call centre in UK is an investment that will generate revenue even if you are not there. No matter what you like to do in your leisure time, your business will continue to grow and serve its customers with complete potential.