6 Essential Skills For Reading Comprehension

“Readers are the leaders”, it is one of the most heard statement when it comes to education and academics. It is preferably believed that a person who is well educated will go places in his or her life. One of the most important aspect associated with education is that of reading. It helps in betterment of various skills of a person and can mold a person into the most successful and happy person. Most of the times, students, children and even adults face difficulties in reading comprehensions. Some have mastered the skill of reading comprehension, while others face difficulties in inculcating reading comprehension skills in them. If you are a person that comes in the second category then this blog is for you, as it describes about main reading comprehension tips. And, if you are the person that fits in the first category then you will surely read this space as it will only help you to improve your reading comprehension skills. Next section of the blog will enlighten people of both categories with some reading comprehension tips.

Tips for a better reading comprehension

Decent reading comprehension skills are very important as it helps people to master in the particular language. Reading skills are often tested when people appear in various competitive exams like IELTS, TOEFL etc. and is therefore extremely critical part of any language. Mentioned below are some of the important reading comprehension tips that will help you master the reading skills of any language.

1.Improving the vocabulary

In order to understand and read any language, the most important element is to have a proper knowledge of at least the basic vocabulary of that language. Improving the vocabulary gradually will help in understanding everything that is being read which will eventually help in building up of strong reading comprehension skills.

2.Fluency in the language

Being fluent in any language directly helps in building up of a better and clear reading skills. Working on the fluency will help in faster reading and the same can be improved by speaking the language more often. The main element of fluency is recognition of words and once a person is able to recognise the words, it becomes easier to read.

3.Decoding the words

This is one of the best ways to improve the reading comprehension skills and is very common within the children that have just started with reading in any language. As the name suggests it mainly includes sounding out of words that you have read before but haven’t seen before. The best way of decoding a wide range of words is by listening rhymes, songs and stories in that language.

4.Reasoning and the background knowledge

Creating a link to what is being read and the prior knowledge of the same is extremely important and therefore, it is important to have a prior knowledge of anything that is being read. Reasoning and background knowledge prove to be extremely beneficial in improving the reading comprehension skills. Movies, TV shows, riddles etc. can help in developing reasoning and background knowledge.

5.Sentence construction and cohesion

To understand the way by which a particular sentence is created generally seem to be a writing skill but instead is a reading skill. By understanding the basic procedure of sentence formation can help in improving the reading comprehension skills to numerous folds.

6.Working memory and attention

These two skills are important for the obvious reasons, as while reading attention follows. The main purpose of working memory is to help people retain the facts and information that they’ve read. Hence, reading something attentively and reading something without much attention have different consequences.

Reading is a skill that helps a person in multiple ways and it is therefore, essential to adapt decent reading skills. People often find problems while reading and this directly affects their growth in that language. Some of the main and common tips to improve reading comprehension skills are mentioned in the above section.


Reading is a vital part of learning any language and despite numerous efforts people often fail reading properly in a particular language. Some tips and skills can surely help anyone in improving their personal reading comprehension skills.