You may be feeling the pressure now you’ve secured a date and you may really want to make a good impression, a safe option would be a simple drink in a nice bar but what kind of impression would that create? Showing some thought on the date location will show your date that you are genuinely interested, fun and imaginative. On the first date you want to allow for conversation so you can get to know each other but you don’t want either of you to feel under too much pressure or to have too many awkward silences so you want to have some form of distraction too, in this post we are going to give you some excellent first date ideas and suggest some London locations for the encounter.

The London Aquarium

Ask your date to the London Aquarium and you are sure to set yourself apart from past dates and show your fun side. At the London Aquarium, you will be able to walk around discussing the fish, it’s also quiet which allows for the conversation to flow without too much effort. You can find out more and book your tickets here.

London Zoo

London Zoo offers many of the same features and benefits to the Aquarium but it is a little bit less original and dependant on the weather, if it is a nice day being outside in the fresh air may be a bonus. Why not pack a picnic?

The London Eye

The London Eye claims to offer the best views of London, they offer online saver offers and a champagne experience which could make your date ultra special find out more here.


There are hundreds of museums in London, many offer free entry making your first date cheap as well as interesting. You probably won’t have too much knowledge of your date’s interest so it’s best not to go anywhere too niche, somewhere like the science or natural history museum should be a safe bet. You can find a full list of London museums here on Wikipedia.

Comedy Club

Laughter is a great way to bond with someone and it releases all kinds of feel-good hormones and endorphins. If you fancy yourself as a standup why not impress your date at an open mike night, be careful as having a go yourself could make things extremely awkward. You would definitely want to avoid mother-in-law or ex-girlfriend/boyfriend jokes.

A Sporting Event

London offers a huge range of sporting events and stadiums. Take your pick from cricket, football. Make sure your that you don’t get too passionate about the game or that your date doesn’t get bored, don’t get absorbed in the event itself remember you are on a date. Horse or dog racing would probably be the safest option, put on a couple of bets, have a chat, a drink and a snack.

Wherever you decide to take your date just make sure you and your date are comfortable, try to keep the travelling time to the event itself at a minimum, maintain good eye contact, be relaxed, don’t come across too keen and just have fun.

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