Important Roof Maintenance Tasks For Winters

Winters are not only a season of romance and love but it brings a lot of problems as well. Especially house related problems are major which involves roof issues as well. Homeowners may face a number of roof related problems that may include ice dams, clogged gutters, broken flashing or leaking chimney, etc. As these problems gets worse during fall season, it is important that you do proper roof inspection in order to save yourself time and money.

Some roof maintenance tasks can be performed at home and if you are a DIY type of person then this would not be a problem for you. Here are some important roof maintenance tasks that you can perform in winters.

Important Roof Maintenance Tasks for Winters:

Let us discuss some of the important roof maintenance tasks that you should perform during winter season so that you do not have to face the problems later. First of all it is important to inspect the roof of your house properly in order to detect any problems. Check the roof for any ice dams and icicles after snowstorms during winters. Clear the clogging if any to make the roof clean and working and you can use roof rakes to do that.

Broken flashing and leaking chimney is another common issue in winters. If you see signs of leakage around the chimney area it is most probably due to broken flashing. The companies providing roofing repair ann arbor Michigan usually provide chimney repair service as well, if not you can hire a chimney repair service or do the task yourself. You simply have to look for the temperature while fixing the broken flashing as the adhesive may get frozen at lower temperatures.

Some missing or rusted nails in the roof can also cause problems but you can fix those. If there are broken or missing shingles, you can fix them too but if you do not have any idea about the severity of the condition you should call for the professional roof repairing service instead.

Gutter is also an essential part of the roof as it keeps the roof clear from water by providing a pathway for its drainage. Gutters often gets clogged in winters due to snow and dried leaves, etc. Make sure that the gutter is clear from all the debris and snow so that it can function properly.