Grow Your Business With These 3 Tech Tips

Every budding businessman, entrepreneur, or CEO knows how difficult it is to get an idea off the ground. But what’s even harder is turning that idea into an enduring business that can withstand the turns and tumbles of the market.

Veteran businessmen will tell you that flexibility and adaptability are necessary for the long game. Moreover, growth shouldn’t stop once you’ve made your first hundred thousand or even your first million. Even billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett still believe there’s room to grow.

A study released through Time reveals that, on average, most businesses are gone by the first decade. If you’re already past the ten year mark, then congratulations, there’s more work to do!

Prioritize People but Leverage Technology

Whether it is the customer in front of the desk or the team member behind it, every boss must always be sensitive and receptive to what people want, need, and can offer.

Show that you acknowledge your members’ and customers’ problems both personally and professionally.

To help your company, engage in team building activities, provide individual consultations, and encourage collaboration. Employees who feel a sense of respect and belongingness typically deliver better returns over the long run.

Looking for even better ways to help your employees? Invest in productivity software like Trello and BaseCamp to keep everyone on the same page always.

Same thing goes with your customers. Put a premium on delivering the best service possible, whether online or offline. More importantly, treat your customers as you would yourself.

Be courteous, welcoming, and accommodating. Help your customers and offer to guide them every step of the way (without being too intrusive, of course). If it helps, utilize a visitor check in app like Greetly to automate secretarial tasks. That way, you’ll never skip a beat when it comes to delivering customer satisfaction.

In the same way our homes should reflect who we are, our offices, too, should speak to our company values.

Invest in the technology your company deserves, and you’ll be on your way to sustained growth!

Don’t be Afraid to Innovate

Sure, there are business traditions that have endured the test of time. However, today’s technology creates all kinds of new demands.

In our current technology-driven paradigm, it takes guts and gumption to succeed.

It’s the businesses that are able to innovate fearlessly that capture the eyes, ears, and hearts of today’s markets (think Apple, AirBnB, and Uber).

Experiment with new methods and new technologies to fuel growth. Consider investing in videoconferencing, artificial intelligence, or even reception management software.

You need to be bold enough to take on new challenges to succeed. The risks you take in business are huge, but so are the rewards.

However, distinguish which technologies you need versus those you don’t. Nothing is worse, or more costly, than a bad tech investment.

Develop the Discipline

This one is more psychological than tech but important nonetheless.

Always stay focused and keep your eyes on your vision.

Adopt a regimen that forces you to stay on track. Be organized, be updated, be inspired, and, most of all, be consistent.

Business shouldn’t stop once you deliver a good quarter; aim to go the extra mile.

Seek the help of time tracking apps for added motivation. But, more importantly, build on positive habits that drive positive results.

Soon, you may even see your team following your footsteps. Now that’s leadership!


Growing your business can be taxing. However, there are so many ways technology can help, especially in terms of time, effort, and motivation.

If you get stuck, always remember: If technology doesn’t stop improving, innovating, and growing, why should you?