Choosing A Dog Bed

You have a certain theme going on in your house that you worked very hard to achieve. Even the coasters match the whole idea you planned but you might have forgotten one essential thing: your dog’s bed. Having a dog bed that matches or at least does not clash with the decorations might be an important factor for some homeowners. There are plenty of options to choose from and many types of beds.

Pillow beds

Pillow beds are the most economical type of beds available to dog owners. Along with being cheap, they can also come in any print imagined. You won’t have to worry about the bedding not fitting into place since you can order exactly what you need. Along with distinct and varied prints, you can have any range of color you require for the room. Your dog might not care for the design characteristics but if you do, pillow beds might be the perfect option for you. The only downfall is that all of them are made of non-friendly dog materials. This means some sort of artificial stuffing or foam is used. These types of materials easily soak up odors and bacteria, along with being effortlessly chewable by your dog. The good thing is that they are machine washable and easily replaceable.

Lounger beds

Lounger beds are more expensive but are usually fabricated with sturdier materials. They are normally made from wood or metal and have a pillow bed type of pad or mattress that goes on top. The base might last long enough but you will have to replace the toppings occasionally.

Kuranda beds

These beds are excellent options for home décor additions and meeting your dog’s comfort level. They are made to last and come in fashionable designs that are both modern and classic. The beds are sturdy and many dog centers prefer them over other types of dog beds. You can customize size, frame, and fabric! You can look at all the options available on site and read more about which will be the best one for your needs.

Dog bed costs vary but you should consider life expectancy (of the bed, not your pet) to be a major part of the total. The design you pick for the base should be simple but classic so it can fit into place with any theme or decoration you have installed. The fabric should be a simple but elegant color that will boost the overall look of the bed. You will have to choose the fabric according to your dog’s breed. Small breeds do not require sturdy materials while bigger dogs do.

Another factor to consider is your dog’s personality. If he is a biter by nature, choose the sturdiest of fabrics even if design or color options decrease. If you have a calmer dog, the fabric can be less sturdy, leaving room for a better range of customizable options.

At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that your dog is comfortable in whatever bedding you bought for him to use. Your dog will love you no matter the color or design of his new pad. Now you can be a little less picky about his bed and focus on other things that require your time, like the Kong toys.

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