Quality packaging for medical devices isn’t something that can be compromised. When patients receive care, it is absolutely critical that any and all devices used by the physicians treating them are completely sterile. The implications of anything less could literally mean the difference between life and death. Busy hospitals and other medical facilities rely on device companies to ensure that they are able to continue to deliver safe, effective care. Here are a few more reasons why sterile packaging for medical devices is so important.

Sterilization is Key

There are more stringent regulatory requirements for sterilization and packaging today than ever before. Without proper packaging, medical equipment could easily become contaminated. Even the slightest device complication can have devastating results. In fact, according to recent reports, healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are responsible for 99,000 US deaths annually. That’s more than AIDS, car accidents and breast cancer deaths combined. And perhaps most sadly, these types of deaths are almost always preventable.

There are approximately 1.7 million HAIs contracted each year by patients in the US alone. The majority of those infections can be traced directly back to the presence of bacteria on medical devices. Many of these devices provide the perfect surface for the growth and multiplication of microorganisms, which can ultimately lead to severe health concerns for the infected patient. Without quality sterile packaging for medical devices, the risk remains a significant one to patients everywhere.

The increasing incidents of HAIs combined with the increase of drug resistant organisms have created a serious concern for medical professionals and regulatory agencies alike, for which the topic of patient safety is paramount. And it’s not only the health of the patient that’s an issue. When an infection is allowed to reach the bloodstream, the average hospital stay required for treatment increases by approximately two weeks. The cost associated with treating an infection is around $50k. This results in direct medical expenses costing upwards of $30 billion annually.

Again – most of these instances could be prevented through improved sterile packaging for medical devices.

Fewer Errors

Another way better packaging for medical devices can improve patient care is in labeling. Roughly 440,000 Americans die each and every year as a result of a mistake made while receiving care. Many of these cases involve the use of devices that are either labeled incorrectly or improperly. Physicians and administrators must demand more from device manufacturers. As such, these manufacturers should be investing primarily in exceptional quality equipment to ensure accurate printing, sealing and/or labeling.

Simply put, sterile packaging for medical devices is not just an option – it’s an absolute necessity. To learn more about how Van der Stähl Scientific’s microprocessor controlled and monitored packaging machinery can help reduce and/or eliminate any potential risk with your medical device packaging contact us today at 800-550-3854.