Where Contractors Can Find New Clients
Contractors are an important part of renovation, remodel and construction jobs. When you are first starting out in the business, it can be difficult to find job leads for contractors. Networking in the local community can help, as well as utilizing online options. Here are three of the quickest ways to start looking for clients today.

Referrals from Previous Customers

Satisfied customers are your best representatives. Not only will they appreciate the work you do, they will share their experiences with friends and family. This is where you can get creative. If you actively seek out referrals for more clients, it is important to provide an incentive. This could be for the current client, the referred client or both. Incentives often come in the form of discounts, so it is important to figure where that can take place in the project budget.

Local Advertising

Serving a community means that you need to reach potential clients where they live, work and spend time doing recreational activities. Local advertising can encompass many options such as newspaper ads, advertising in retails locations, putting flyers on community boards, and even sponsoring a local sports team can get your name out there. When you can back it up with completed projects, you will find that the new clients will come to you much faster than before.

Online Marketing

Even if your business only serves a small geographic area, online marketing is still a valuable option for finding new clients to work with. This is because everyone is now living in a tech world, and it is easy to search for contractors with an online search than it is to locate a phone book and start making calls.

To serve both potential and existing clients, having a easy-to-navigate website is your first step. This is where you can let them contact you, provide photos of your work and let them know all of your qualifications to do the job. Social media and online advertising can help boost traffic to your website as well, especially if it is targeted for a local audience.