Water is our life source. Our bodies need it more than certain foods. With this understanding, we have different types of water from which to choose. Some are good choices while others are not so good choices. Knowing the difference, you can avoid struggling through environmental concerns about where the water you drink originates. Check this out for more.Is Tap Water is Danger in a Glass?Plain tap water is one of the easiest types of water most people can access. You can get it from your kitchen or bathroom sink. However, does convenience equal the best thing for you? The answer could lie in where you live. Generally, most tap water has a host of pollutants that can increase you and your family’s risk of health problems.Some of these contaminants are:
Aluminum, which is linked to conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, hyperactivity and skin problems
Arsenic. Yes, a poisonous carcinogenic is in your tap water.
Fluoride increases your risk of cavities and can lead to other health problems
OTC and prescription drugs when people flush these down the toilet. They eventually end up in your water supply.
Disinfection Byproducts are another set of powerful carcinogens linked to kidney and liver problems.Is Bottled Water a Better Choice?Bottled water comes in multiple brands touting spring or mountain freshness. You might be among the millions of people who believe bottled water is better and safer. Unfortunately, manufacturers have taken tap water and poured it into a bottle. Some go through a filtration process.Additionally, the plastic bottles are not the healthiest for you and your family because of the chemical bisphenol or BPA. This chemical comes with its own set of serious health problems so you should proceed with caution.Filtered Water Might be the Safest ChoiceFor many families, filtered tap water is the most economical and environmentally safe choice. Installing a water filter in your home offers a clean way to get the nourishment your body needs. There are three basic types of water filters available: reverse osmosis, ion exchange and granular carbon filters.Drinking pure, clean water offers many health benefits. You have a better chance of maintaining a healthy body weight. Drinking water helps you absorb important nutrients and digest your food properly. Water also becomes a natural way to detoxify your body from unhealthy things such as what you absorbed from the wrong water source.