When it comes to tasks that require aerial lift, a good cherry picker comes in handy. The challenge usually is in finding the right one. The cherry picker that will effectively and efficiently help you accomplish the task at hand.

Chances are you already encountered this challenge and you need a solution. Right? Well, we have the solution. These are essential things you need to consider when looking for a cherry picker.

The type and nature of the task.

The type of work to be done will directly determine the type of cherry picker you go for. Is it the roof or gutters that need cleaning or repair? Or a window pane that needs fixing? Could it be the tree in your backyard that needs trimming?

Clearly understanding the task at hand ensures you go for a cherry picker that is most suited for that very task.

The cost.

The old saying is not too old. Cut the coat according to your size. What is your budget? Clearly stating your budget will save you time. It will help you narrow down the scope of your search to only companies with rates that are within your budgetary allocation. Moreover, it will help you remain financially disciplined in that you will endeavor to remain within your budget. A desirable thing after all.

The Intended Height.

Cherry pickers are apparatus human beings use to overcome height barriers. This effectively makes height one of the most important consideration for it is what the cherry picker is made for.

How high would you want the cherry picker to take you? And lengthwise, how far sideways will you want it to take you?

The height of the cherry picker is the sum of the platform height, the distance from the ground to the lower surface of the platform, and working height, the height a person working on the platform can reach comfortably.

Important to note, the height of the worker is factored in the height measurements. So do not factor it in separately in the final estimation.

When estimating height also factor in the weight to be hoisted. The height is always adjusted relative to the heaviness of what is being hoisted. Very heavy weights would require specialized cherry pickers that are specifically designed to handle it.

Safety Concerns.

How safe is it working with the cherry picker? Remember, the cherry picker is meant to ensure the worker is safe when working above the ground. Therefore, not only should it hoist you but safely do so.

To guarantee safety, ensure minimum safety measures are in place. Properly trained operators, stable platforms, alarm warning systems, ground controls in addition to the platform controls, proper enclosing of the platform, among others.

The Service Provider.

In view of the above factors, the final step is to find a company that will give you the cherry picker you need. The right specification and if need be a variety to pick from.

You want to deal with a reputable company that has been in operation for some time. A company that is highly rated and has positive reviews. A brand in the industry.  These attributes come with relevant experience that guarantees high quality standards.


There are many types of cherry pickers. The right one for you is one that meets your specific needs. When you consider the type of work, cost, the intended height, safety concerns and service provider you will end up with the right one.

F. Aldea is Marketing communications consultant at Linked agency, an Ireland-based advertising consumer experience consultancy that improves agencies in the Ireland generate excellent client experiences.