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Enjoy the stunning scenery that Scotland has to offer while undergoing water search and rescue training. Water activities are full of adrenaline, however, that does not mean that they are safe. The adventure consultants that look after and run the water search and rescue training modules will teach you how to have the best time on the water as well as being as safe as possible. Water safety is vital as many people lose their lives at the hands of water. Protect yourself and others by undergoing water search and rescue training.

Water Rescue Course

The RLSS water safety management course is perfect for anyone looking to learn new skills in water safety. Perfect for beginners, you will be shown all the basics to water safety. As well as this, this course is for individuals who:

  • Working close to water
  • Work with or supervise children near water
  • A manager of those who works near water

This course comes complete with different modules that give you an all-around learning experience. These include boat handling, rules of the road, use of engines, emergency situations and preparation for sea. The adventure consultants will ensure that you are given all the information and training you need to adequately train in water safety.

Outdoor Activities: White Water Safety and Rescue Course

Water Search and Rescue Training

Before the training course is taken, candidate should be competent to the standard of the Intermediate Powerboat Certificate with navigation and chart work to the level of Day Skipper Shore based certificate. As well as this they should hold a VHF/SRC operators certificate and first aid certificate.

Having this training beforehand will ensure that you gain the full benefits of the course. In addition to this, the course consists of two full days training and one navigation class. This will ensure that candidate receive a full experience of both day and night. You never know when water incidents occur.

Adventure Consultants

During the water search and rescue training, you will be with a skilled adventure consultant. They will be there to show you everything that you need to know about white water safety and rescue. The expert adventure consultants each specialise in their own disciplines. This will ensure that you will receive specialised training for each skill that you learn.

In most cases, the adventure consultants will have been outdoor practitioners for many years, gaining a vast amount of personal experience in their field. With this experience, professional adventure consultants would have also been assessed by the National Governing bodies in their field of expertise. Having this training and experience ensures that they adventure consultants are able to teach in their field.

Outdoor Activities: White Water Safety and Rescue Course

White Water Safety and Rescue Course

Having the skills to keep people safe in the water and be able to rescue anyone in danger, makes this training extremely important. This water rescue course covers a number of modules which will give you the full experience of a water search and rescue. You will learn a huge amount of different lifesaving skills from professional adventure consultants.