miami accident attorneys

Motor vehicle accidents are nothing to take lightly. It is normal to be confronted by ads on television that instruct you to call an attorney if you’ve been in an accident. They however never tell you under which particular circumstances you should hire an accident attorney. Some claims are clear and don’t require an attorney involved. When the liability is clear, and the other party acknowledges it, an attorney is not necessary like when injuries are minor and have small medical bills or other expenses. Similarly, a lawyer may not be needed when there are no extenuating circumstances that require investigations, when there are uncertainties about coverage, or about the statute of limitations being brought up by the responsible party. Well, we have taken it upon ourselves to tell you when a Miami car accident attorney is necessary.

Best Time To Hire A Car Accident Attorney During An Insurance Claim Process

1. When there is unclear liability

When it is not clear who is responsible for the crash, the best thing that you can do is to hire an accident attorney to represent you in this case. Representation is important because it might become a court case as both individuals might point to each other for blame. The best and most advisable action, in this case, is to approach an accident attorney.

2. When medical records are requested by the adjuster

If the adjuster asks you to provide medical records prior the accident, the best thing to do is hire the representation of an accident attorney as the insurance company may be trying to wiggle out of paying the claims. The insurance company does this by insinuating that accident did not cause the injuries incurred during the crash or that you had previously been injured and used the accident as a scapegoat to get treatment. Bad faith insurers are something best handled by an attorney.

3. When extenuating circumstances are present

If your claim has extenuating circumstances that you do not know how to prove and you feel that, lawyers can make your claim more valuable than the insurance company is willing to pay. These cases mostly apply to caregivers or sole providers to the family. If you are unable to perform tasks you could before the accident, an accident attorney will represent your interests in a court of law.

4. When the claim has been denied or the settlement is too little

There are times when the insurance company may deny your request on flimsy grounds. If they have completely refused to reconsider their decision, it is time to hire a lawyer. Insurance companies tend to deny claims from time to time and sometimes wrongfully. The plaintiff, in this case, would approach an accident attorney to represent them in the proceedings. The case is also applicable if the settlement offer given, is too small.

5. In case of severe Injuries

If serious injuries have been incurred with or without the residual disability, especially if hefty medical bills are involved, you should consider hiring a lawyer. If this is the case, it is best to get representation from an accident attorney.

6. If the other party serves you with a lawsuit

If you find yourself being sued by the other party, get an accident attorney to represent you in the ensuing negotiations or case.

The most important thing is to make sure you have hired a competent Auto accident attorney to handle your injury case. A good lawyer will ensure you get a quick settlement and go back to your regular business.