3 Digital Trends That Will Likely To Shape The Future Of Business!

Digital trends are affecting your organization and predicted to affect more in future due to globalization. Investment in right technology & digital trend at the right time means the direct competitive edge for your organization.

Organizations need to take the time to evaluate trends in order to avoid risks and then take a conversant decision. Digital Marketing is still impacting many organizations and in 2016 about 56% of local businesses increased their marketing budget due to change in trends of the digital market.

In future, we will be facing new trends & social platforms that will shape our business.

Here are three main changes that will change the traditional business trends.

  1. Perception Vs. Reality

Driverless cars: Supporters claim that driverless technology is a resolution for eradicating smashes & crashes caused by the negligence of human

Virtual Reality: Augmented reality is evolving from science narrative into the real world and will rapidly modify everything from entertainment to healthcare to shopping and entertainment to healthcare

Drones:  The right use of technology is very important. Drones will enhance human competencies by providing help in a variety of profitable industries like scientific research, emergency response, utilities and agriculture.

Management of financial system is important. Bitcoin’s blockchain could be a challenge to handle. Its model of trust, through massively distributed digital consensus, is challenging our assumptions about what makes transactions secure. As a result, this computer science breakthrough might reshape commerce across the entire digital economy.

  1. Crm-Customer Relationship Management

Digital networks such as social media, POS, SMS (Text) and email, social media are all channels that foster your customer relationships and retarget ad. Customer response and feedback are the main factors to make the change in your business and get future exposure. A long relationship will develop by the customers if they found your brand according to their demand.

SMBs are moving towards implementing healthier CRM systems that allow them to go beyond simple email distribution lists and connect all their digital channels. For example, a native owner of a clothing store with numerous outlets around the district can use a blend of physical and digital communications to manage native customer relationships.

Customer relationship management will come and center over the next 12 months, moving from the originality down towards the small businesses that form the base of our economy.

Video Content Endures to Lead: Visual information as a way to communicate or convey a message to your customer is the efficient way. Videos, photos and other means of visual information processed 60,000 faster than text-based content.

  1. Access Is More Important Than Assets

Customers keep doubts in ownership of possessions like houses, cars, and every routine item. In this digital era, renting & sharing items are becoming common. Such as Airbnb, Alibaba, Uber are some of the business that proved that it is not important to own any asset. Easy access is the focus point to gain customer attention which automatically benefits your business.

Urbanization-a new digital trend is becoming common and to gain competitive edge most businesses are providing faster, localized and low-cost services.

These platforms are also providing jobs to many less educated people like Uber drivers, Amazon delivery men and etc.

The changes discussed above should be forecasted so that businessmen should be aware of outcomes of implementing new digital trends and stay in the list of best businesses in the world.

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