The Spiciest Food Recipes In The World

Looking for the spiciest dish you can make? Maybe you want to warm up in the winter months, or maybe you want to invite your friends over for a dish they will never forget. Maybe you just really like hot, hot foods. Well, here are some of the spiciest dishes the world has seen fit to serve. Investigate and see which one holds the most appeal to you.

The Spiciest Food Recipes In The World

The Vindaloo Meat Dish:

India’s vindaloo dishes are famous for their use of extra-hot curry and the very infamous Bhut Jolokia hot pepper. Anything that is truly vindaloo will be spicy, but if you can get ahold of this pepper, named the hottest in the world, then your dish will truly be out of this world. Vindaloo is typically a meat-and-sauce combination, so choose a base meat like pork or lamb and prepare your meal accordingly. You may want to make sure everyone has extra helpings of rice, too.

Phall Curry Dish:

We are mentioning curry two times in a row, but phall dishes deserve a category of their own. Phall curry is known as the hottest curry available. If you can find it at a local market, start collecting peppers, because phall curry dishes are served with a selection of many hot peppers and enhancers like ginger that will make the heat even more intense. For a lighter take, use the curry power on a dish besides traditional curry.

Real Sichuan Stew:

Sichuan moves over to Chinese food with this famous stew-like mixture. The hot-pot focuses on Sichuan peppers, another ingredient known for its red-hot qualities. Garlic and onion enhance the experience, and traditional Sichuan dishes simmer for a long time to work the spiciness into all types of food. Traditional sichuan meals allow guests to boil their own pieces of meat in the mixture, but no matter which way you go, make sure the peppers are authentic.

Tom Yum (and Similar Dishes):

Tom Yum is a colloquial name for a spicy Thai soup that experiments with seafood and noodles. However, the heat comes from the special ingredient known as bird’s eye chilis, which are mixed in with lime for a heated bite. Of course, you can also use this pepper on steak and vegetables for a more traditional meal. Just remember to bring along lots of water to survive the experience.


Creole is the name of ethnic group known for their delicious seafood, but it also the name of a Southern U.S. meal that is out of this world. The basic ingredients are shrimp, chicken and tomatoes, but this time the culprit is cayenne pepper. There are many varieties of cayenne pepper available (especially in powder form), so choose a spicy one in order to get the best experience possible. Other Cajun dishes are especially spicy, too, thanks to an abundance of cayenne.

Doro Wat:

Doro what? This Ethopian dish is a lesser-known spice dish that uses cayenne pepper and berbere. “Wot” or “Wat” is simply a stew, but this stew, made with a mix dried and fresh chili peppers, is bound to be one of the hottest meals you will experience. True Doro Wat is stewed for hours with beef and chicken, then served over Ethiopian breads.

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