Vietnam Visa Requirements

Vietnam Visa RequirementsIf you are travelling to Vietnam, you will have to have to apply for a visa. For those who aren’t quite sure what the visa requirements are, here is list for US citizens:

1. Your original passport which is signed is required to travel to Vietnam.  The passport should have at least 1 page blank for the visa stamp for the country. The amendment pages in your passport, located at the back are not fir for the stamps that the Vietnamese embassies provide with. Without your passport you cannot travel internationally. If your passport is about to expire, it is suggested that you apply for renewal as soon as possible so that you fulfil the Vietnam visa requirements.

2. A visa application form is also needed. 2 visa Vietnamese forms for application must be duly signed. A copy is also required. If one sends out incomplete forms then the process of obtaining your visa for Vietnam travel can get delayed. Vietnam visa requirementsgiven by the Dept. of Immigration in Vietnam require you to submit this along with your other documents.

3 Photos are also needed. Two recent 2 x2 passport sized photographs are required. These photographs should give a front view in color against a white or a plain background. In New York City, applications only require one photograph. It is always better to stay on the safe side and carry two. One can also upload their photo, again passport sized into the Global service form while they place their order.

4. There must be an official invite from Vietnam too. The applicant should get pre-approval of their visa on the basis of a reference in Vietnam.

5. Letter of invite is also a pre-requisite. The letter of invitation by a company explains the relation with you and proves your purpose of travelling to the concerned country, her Vietnam. The letter should also categorically state your duration of stay and where you will be staying. The contact information of the host should also be highlighted in the letter.

6. A business letter from your employer is something many travel agencies demand. This clearly states why you are going to travel to the country. The letter should also indicate to whom will be responsible financially for the person applying. Again detailed information of the contact person is required.

Sometimes one may be asked to produce proof that they are working for a company, this is because some people illegally extend their stay in the country while looking for work. The Government of Vietnam is quite strict about this and it should be.

The Vietnam visa Validity

The visas to this country get issued for either multiple entries or a single entry to the country. Visas for 6 months can also be availed given your circumstances but only if you are able to provide with the Vietnam visa requirements. It is also possible for one to get their visas extended when in Vietnam if in case they have to. There are quite a few offices where one can get such work done without much trouble. Urgent visa extension is also possible but one is charged a fee for the same work. Many people opt for this option because it is easy and doesn’t cost much.

The Processing Time for the Visa

The visa process should take anywhere between 5-7 days if one is submitting all the Vietnam visa requirements on time. In case of an emergency you can get the process done quicker. This will get your visa approved in about 2-4 days. By days one means working days, excluding Sunday. Speak to your travel agency to make sure how long it will take for you to get your visa approved.


The Vietnam visa requirements are much needed to initiate your visa approval. Many people choose to handover the required documents for travel to the concerned travel agency so that they can enjoy smooth travel. The travel agencies usually charge a lump sum fee for getting this work done.

Travel agencies are strict about the Vietnam visa requirements as chances are even if one document is not produced form your end your visa will not get approved. One must ensure that their documents fulfil the Vietnam visa requirements so that their visa gets approved within a week’s time.

Make sure to carry 3 passport sized photographs and submit that along with your passport and a letter of approval. One must make sure that the documents they submit are what the Government of Vietnam states as the Vietnam visa requirements.

The whole process sis quite easy and isn’t quite time taking but submitting documents on time is quite important for anyone to get work done quickly.