Sometimes it’s nice to get away from it all, whether it’s a budget break in the country or a week sunning yourself somewhere warm.

However, as an alternative, a VIP break can really help you unwind whilst pampering you in every way possible so you return home refreshed and renewed.

Amsterdam is the perfect city to provide a bit of top-class TLC and you might be surprised at how affordable the price is. We take a look at some ways to make sure your short break is something special, without blowing apart your budget in the process.

High Class Accommodation

There’s no question that where you stay can make or break a holiday, even if you don’t plan on spending much time there.

But if you have a sumptuous hotel, you can enjoy simply relaxing in the facilities, without having to spend lots of money going out and about.

How To Enjoy An Affordable VIP Short Break In Amsterdam

Stay in luxury in Amsterdam, such as at the Hilton Hotel

A spa hotel is a great way to provide unquestionable luxury whilst also saving you money at the same time. If you travel out of peak season, and especially so if you go mid-week, you could pick up a real bargain. This means you could enjoy relaxing spa treatments, champagne and canapés in your room, not to mention top class chef-prepared meals for a fraction of the usual cost.

Sight-see In Style

Although getting out and about to see the local sights and sounds can be lots of fun, working out how to get there can be a real hassle.

Queuing for taxis and hanging around for buses can take a lot of the fun out of the day and can be, quite frankly, exhausting.

By hiring a limo service to not only collect you and drop you off to and from the airport, but also to drive you around when you want to visit some of the attractions, you can make sure you are enjoying every minute of your time in Amsterdam. Visit this site for further information.

How To Enjoy An Affordable VIP Short Break In Amsterdam

Not only will you save on bus fares and rental hire car costs, a limousine service in Amsterdam could cost far less than you expected. With both big and small vehicles available, it can work out surprisingly economical, especially if there’s a large group of you. A great option for a girly weekend away in the Netherlands!

Vip Nightclub Packages

If you were hoping to spend some time getting your groove on in the funkiest nightclubs in Amsterdam, a VIP package could work out as a much more cost-effective option than you might think.

A typical package is around just 300 euros for four people; this includes special VIP privilege entry, a private table next to the DJ booth, a bottle of spirits, a bottle of champagne and a soft drink each plus a dedicated staff member on hand all night long.

Compared to the usual cost of entry and drinks, a VIP package not only offers you an escape from the hordes waiting to get in through the doors, and the roulette of being able to snag a table, but also top-class treatment for a relatively low price.

Dinner with A Difference

Amsterdam offers so many gourmet restaurants it can be difficult to pick which ones to try so why not visit two or more in one night?

Before you start thinking about cramming in huge amounts of food, take a look at the VIP water-taxi tours available in the city.

Offering three or five course meals, the water-taxi takes guests from one restaurant to another in a prepared route. This provides you with a VIP spot in each location, with a top-class course specially prepared with a gentle boat trip complete with complimentary drinks to transport you between locations.

A great way to enjoy the best that Amsterdam has to offer, this is fine dining at its most innovative!


Enjoying the star treatment isn’t just reserved for millionaires if you know where to look and what little luxuries to enjoy. Whether it’s relaxing in the back of a Rolls Royce limo, partying the night away in your own private nightclub booth or even just enjoying a massage in your hotel, there’s lots of ways to enjoy a VIP break at a bargain price.