Hiking is one of the best recreational activities that you can engage in. It is a great way to get away from the stressful daily routine. It is also therapeutic under the correct circumstances. However, a camping adventure can turn into a nightmare if you do not pack what you essentially to ensure that you have a safe and happy hike, here are a few hiking essentials to carry along.


Before you set out on a hiking or camping trip, it is important to do your groundwork. Do a research on the area you want to travel to and become familiar with the map of the area. From the maps, create a planned route. If you do not know how to use a compass, this is the best time to learn. Thoroughly plan your trip by letting others know that you are travelling and where you are going to. It is important not to travel alone. Travel with a few friends. Find out what the weather is like as this will narrow down the hiking essentials you need.

hiking trip

Camping Equipment

Once you are familiar with the area and weather conditions of your destination, make a list of the necessary camping equipment you need. These could vary with the different weather conditions but some that are constant. They include waterproof matches and lighters, fishing lines, flash lights, pocket knives, space blankets, walking sticks, telescopes, compass, multi-tools and a rain gear. The best telescope for you depends on your astronomy desires and lifestyle. It should be one that can be used at anytime and should fit in your comfort zone in terms of price, ease of use and size. A first aid kit is one of the crucial hiking essentials. For bites, bleeding and scraps, a small first aid pack with the basic supplies prevents minor accidents from turning into worse injuries. Remember to carry comfortable shoes and clothes for the hike. Shoes will protect your feet from blisters and the clothes should keep you warm.

Food and water

Pack energy bars and snacks. They keep the body churning for a long day during the hike. It is advisable to carry extra food in case you hunker down to wait out a bad weather condition or get lost. Even though you do not drink lots of water, always carry some. Some people choose to have drinks with carbohydrates and electrolytes while others prefer plain water. Staying hydrated keeps you from a host or trail illnesses. Do not rely on other sources and ensure that everyone is hydrated. Carry jerricans as well to store water for cleaning and washing.

Ensure that you have a good and reliable way to get a hold of someone in case of an emergency. Carry a mobile phone; it is a good safety precaution since most places have cell phone coverage. Ensure that you are safe in all areas. You could consider a few comfort items like whistles, mosquito repellents and cameras. With these hiking essentials, you are sure that your hike or camp will not only be fun but safe as well. Now that you do not have to worry about the unexpected, pause and enjoy the beauty Mother Nature has in store for you.