Finding a holiday that gives you all the sun, sea and relaxation you’ve been craving for since last summer, whilst also suits the needs of your whole family, can be a daunting prospect.

This is only made worse by the fact that most of us are living on an ever-tighter budget, which means we’ve never needed a holiday more – but it’s never been harder to attain.

Contrary to popular belief, leaving your booking to the last minute in the hope of bagging a dream bargain holiday is not as savvy as you might think. 80 per cent of Britons now use the Internet to research their travel. The surges in interest around “Cheap Holidays” and “Cheap Flights” peak reliably each year, fueled by last minute, summer holiday bookers.  These rises in search traffic typically begin to climb two and three weeks before summer holidays commence and in the build up to Easter.

Travel companies are now spotting and relying upon these regular influxes of last minute bookings, to the extent that it is arguably more beneficial to your bank balance to book well in advance of your holiday dates. By booking at times when demand is much lower you stand the best chance of finding a holiday for the most competitive price.

So, get ahead of the game and be aware of when the peaks in holiday bookings will occur and start your research at least six weeks before your departure date.

If you’re looking to book a complete holiday package, don’t be fooled by promotions or slashed prices. In the holiday market, just like in your supermarket, the original price is often meaningless. Keep your eye on the bottom line – it’s the only price that counts!

How to Bag a School Holiday BargainWhen reviewing packages, make sure you’re clear on what is and isn’t included. It may sound obvious, but small items like inflight meals, airport to resort transfers and hotel meals can soon add up – especially when you multiply the price by the number of people in your family. For this reason alone, all-inclusive holidays can actually represent incredibly good value for you and your family, not to mention significantly reducing the stress of catering on holiday.

As always, the key to finding the right product for the right price is market research. Comparison sites can offer an easy way to find the cheapest price going. However, if you’re not willing to compromise on living conditions or space, there are a number of holiday operators, such as The Co-operative Travel, who will insure a minimum standard of accommodation is met.

Just remember to be an Internet savvy shopper with an awareness of when demand is at its peak. Know when to strike and how to spot a price you can trust. Before you know it, you’ll have bagged a bargain school holiday for you and your family and can start looking forward to some well-deserved sun, sea and relaxation.