Do you think you know about the New York City? If yes, then why don’t you try out the city for its charm, spectacles and endless excitement?

Many people speculate history based off trivia depicting wrong and right New York questions and answers about the city. Read this article can give you a clearer idea of your standing in terms of the knowledge you possess about the New York City. Do you know which sector employs the largest numbers of New Yorkers? It is the management sector which has an edge when it comes to employing the New Yorkers.

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Etymology of New York

Lew Frankfort, in 2005, was named as the highest earner in comparison with other chief executives in NYC. Do you know how much did he earn? Frankfort earned a massive $62 million and no wonder he was at the top of the list in terms of highly compensated CEO’s of New York. Do you know which company employed the most number of New Yorkers in 2005? It was New York Presbyterian Health System which had the most number of employees in the year 2005. In which borough the reported car thefts were 5,131? It was in 2006 when Brooklyn reported 5,131 car thefts.


If you are living in Manhattan, then you need to answer this one. What would be the estimated population of Manhattan by the year 2030? By the end of 2030, it is estimated that the population of Manhattan in 2030 would be 1,826,547. This isn’t an accurate figure, but an estimate which you need to keep in mind. You might be aware of the fact that Miles Davis and Duke Ellington share the same cemetery, but do you know which borough it is? It is Bronx borough and the cemetery is Woodland. When it comes to the New York questions and answers, you need to be adept with all these questions.

Big Apple: A Tourist’s Dream

In 2005, New York hosted 1,169,000 million tourists from a particular country. Can you name the country? You don’t need to scratch your head, and it was United Kingdom from which millions of tourists came to visit New York in the year 2005. Do you support New York Yankees? If so, then you should be able to answer this one. When did the New York Yankees achieve the highest win percentage? It was in 1927 when the team managed to achieve a win percentage of 71%. When referring to the New York questions and answers, the supporters of the New York Yankees need to keep this one in mind.


Do you know the actual area of Brooklyn, in terms of sq. miles? Not sure about this one? Well, Brooklyn has an area of 81.8 square miles. These questions aren’t tricky, and if you are looking for hands-on knowledge about New York, then you need to refer to these New York questions and answers. How much salary did the mayor of NYC receive in the year 2007? Any guesses? Well, the amount was $225,000.

Taverns, Hotels and More

Many of you would know that Fraunces Tavern is the oldest restaurant in the New York City, but how many of you know the year in which it was opened? No need to put your thinking caps on as the restaurant was opened in the year 1762. If you love dining out at various places, then you need to have knowledge about various restaurants in New York, especially the oldest one- Fraunces Tavern. Do you know which is the largest hotel in New York based on total number of rooms? It is Hilton New York which has 1,980 rooms. The second on the list is the New York Marriott Marquis, which has 1,946 rooms. When it comes to getting appropriate information about New York, then these New York questions and answers can serve ideally.