Some of the places that you can explore to have your delicious food are;


The Hereford Road

This is a British restaurant that opened its service in the year 2007. By then the cooking was not prevalent the way it is now. The cuisine has propelled into its limelight by the help of Tom Pemberton. Its menu continues to change every day and the updates are done online in a diligently manner. Some of its common ingredients include; plenty of calves’ brains and the kidneys, the lamb’s sweetbreads, vanilla rice pudding and the apple crumble. Hereford road is best when you want solid British food and it is located on the western part of London city.

Hawksmoor Seven Dials

It is the newer sensational bar branch. It has an entrance which is a bit hidden due to the location of the Covent Garden. The bar has a beautiful basement that looks as if it has been there for more than a century. The restaurant started its services in the year 2010. It offers meat with very high quality and better cooked compared to many of the restaurants in the world. Dining at Hawksmoor seven dials is a good life experience even if the restaurant is expensive. The restaurant has different food ingredients that one can choose from.

The Modern Pantry

Another place where you can explore and have your food is the Modern Pantry. It’s known for its quality foods and services. The main ingredients include the new Caledonian prawn omelette with spring onions, smoked Chilli, coriander, Thai basil, tonka bean and shortbread which is custard with lemon. The modern pantry is particularly best during summer because you can sit outdoors and have your food at a quiet square.


Ottolenghi is best in making a fashionable deli dining pursuit. The Ottolenghi has grown has far as preparing best meals which are drawn from various parts of the world. It is expensive but it offers quality foods and services allowing one to get what he pays for. It offers special offers to its customers during the evenings of the weekends. Some of the foods Ottolenghi offers are roasted aubergine, the Iranian lime yoghurt, the pomegranate and harissa.

Rochelle Canteen

The Rochelle canteen was never like the way it is. The canteen has grown to become one of the best Canteen you can explore and have your food. The tables at the dining room are good and populated by the arty types which enjoys the most sensational menu. The canteen offers a leisurely lunch that will make you to have a good experience ever. The menu of Rochelle canteen changes every day and this is the best place to explore to have your food.

St John

St John has expanded to become the best place where you can find traditionally cooked food. It is the most reliable and exciting place where you can have your food. It is the best entertaining for the food lovers and it has remained the model for most restaurants that aspire to be where the restaurant is.

Author Bio:Angelina Lawson is a writer for easy jet contact, aspiring filmmaker and collector of super hero memorabilia! She also enjoy cooking and occasionally, sketching.