If you are one of those who does not rely on any health product, rather go for foods having health benefits, then you are most probably to be aware of Green Tea. It is counted among the foods that can help you burn extra fat. You might not know that apart from losing weight, green tea has many dental health benefits as well. Curious to know about them? Check out this list about Green Tea’s dental health benefits.


Prevent Cavities

Green Tea controls bacteria and lowers the dental plaque and acidity of saliva, and thus has been found very useful in preventing cavities. A most recent research was done in Egypt where some people were directed to rinse their mouths with green tea. Bacteria and Acid’s amounts were noted before and after the use of green tea. These were found very less in the latter calculation.

Gum Health

Regular use of green tea can make the gums healthy. This is not any stone thrown in  air, but is a well-researched fact. Most recent research in this aspect was conducted in Japan where it was found that tested people who drank green tea daily, were having healthier gum than those who did not drink green tea. This oral health benefit of green tea is because of anti-inflammatory powers that control the gum or periodontal disease. A German research also proved the same.

Less Tooth Loss

One of the most common dental health problems is the loss of tooth. This happens because of cavities and weak gums. Both these problems are common to find in people. Therefore, the count of people who often report the problem of tooth loss, is very high. This problem can be solved by drinking green tea daily. As written ahead, the green tea prevents cavities and makes gum healthier. Therefore it’s quite obvious that regular use of green tea can make the teeth strong. Those who don’t believe this, should check out the Japanese research report that was published in year 2010.

Better Breath

If your mouth is stinky, then it causes a big negative impact on your self-confidence. You don’t dare to talk with others. Better-smelling breath can be achieved by drinking green tea regularly. Green tea kills the microbes that make the mouth stinky. Regular use of green tea can reduce the extent microbes, blessing you with better-smelling breath.