View more Whitebeach villas in Playa BlancaAre you looking for a special place where you can unwind and enjoy the sand between your toes? If you are the kind of person who prefers secluded and quiet places to rollicking nightlife, Playa Blanca is the place to be. This wonderful resort is situated in the southern part of Spain’s Lanzarote Island, and has become the third most important touristic destination on its map.

Most travelers, who have had the chance to revel in its beauty, consider that it is, without a doubt, an excellent place to go to with your family or friends. This small piece of heaven has everything you might ever dream of, especially when it comes to nature. The beautiful sandy beaches are hugged by crystal clear water, and the lush tropical forests create intimate settings for the luxury accommodations and traditional villages.

Moreover there is a large array of hotels, bars, restaurants, interesting monuments and attractions that you can visit. Of course, Lanzarote has many resorts and beaches, but there is something very familiar about the Playa Blanca. It is an irresistible destination, especially for people who want to escape from their everyday life and get the chance to relax for a bit. What better way of getting away from it all than by renting a state of the art, self-serviced Villa, in the middle of nature? Just picture yourself, lying by the side of your own little pool, sipping on a cocktail, with nobody there to bother you. It sounds good, we know, and this is precisely the reason why you should View more WhiteBeach villas in Playa Blanca before you decide on your next move.

This small slice of heaven is situated very close to the Papagayo beach and the famous marina. Another thing that deserves mentioning is the latest commercial center, where you can find everything your heart desires. But if you have an intrepid spirit, you should also know that the Timanfaya National Park is located very close to the resort. However, the best thing about Playa Blanca is its proximity to almost all there is to see on the island. If you decide to stay here, you will get the chance to visit everything, including the beguiling Yaiza city, the green lagoon and the salt fields of Janubio.

Embrace the spirit of the island, cherish the precious experiences that the local people have to offer, and become one with nature. This breathtaking resort can be visited all year long, because it benefits from Lanzarote’s unique climate. There is nothing but good things we can say about Playa Blanca, but you should not waste your time on words, visit it and see for yourself.