Many college graduates usually find it a challenge to get their first job.

On the other hand, employers want employees with fresh new ideas and potential to take the company to the next level. Since the employment sector is becoming more competitive each passing day, one should be able to convince the prospective new employer exactly how an awesome employee you’re going to be.

Many people think that asking for work experience from a fresh graduate is an unfortunate paradox when entering the job market. Today, jobs are hard to come by hence, job seekers should make good use of the opportunity to make sure they have the best chance for success.

What fresh graduates need to know about their work experience.

When writing a resume, fresh graduates are likely to leave work experience section blank. This is often a mistake. Job seekers should note that the experience section is where they should really shine. What applicants don’t know is that recruiters do not expect you to come with years of experience and hands on expertise since they know that you are fresh college pass out. The employers usually need job applicants who have the right educational credentials.

In addition, they look for individuals with real-world experience since they stand a better chance of adding value to the company. One should note that it’s wrong to include false details about yourself in your resume. This is because, during the actual interview, most employers will ask for a hard copy of a recommendation letter or a certificate to back what you have written in your resume. If you don’t have something to show for your work experience section, you are likely to be automatically disqualified for the job.

How to highlight your experience as a new graduate and use it to get hired.

First, you can highlight in your resume about the internship you participated when you were in college or before graduation. In most colleges, they give room for internship so that the student can get a general idea of what exactly happens in the real world. If internships are not part of the course you are pursuing in college, it’s recommended that once you have completed the course you look for an internship before looking for the actual job.

Secondly, if you have ever volunteered in any institution you should quote that in your resume. However, many people often don’t know to volunteer in any institution is part of work experience. In addition, if you have attended any workshop that relates to the job you are applying, you should include that in your resume.

How your work experience section of your resume should look like.

For instance, if you are applying for the position of an accountant and you volunteered or you went for an internship in XYZ Company, you should include the following details in your work experience section of your resume:

  • Assisted the senior accountant in maintaining inventory accounts and book keeping records for different departments
  • Generated payroll for all departments in XYZ Company for a period of 6 months
  • Implemented new cost accounting and inventory control formula that saved the company more than $ 2 million
  • Maintained accurate accounting books that that were audited by a professional auditing firm and confirmed accurate
  • Introduced a new accounting system that helped the company recover it’s debts etc

The work experience section should be kept simple and easy to read. However, job applicants should understand that the details they include in their recent graduate resume should match the skills. To avoid having a challenge of writing your resume as a fresh graduate, it is advisable to fully participate in voluntary jobs from credible institutions. Alternatively, you can work towards getting some experience before you finish your college education.

Once you use the above tips on how to highlight your experience as a new graduate and use it to get hired, you will be ready to take your career to the next level.

This article was written by Craftresumes Community.