Marketing via audio visuals is slowly becoming the traditional and an old method. Especially in the era of smart phones and tablets people are less attached to the televisions sets or rather do not have enough time to watch a video lasting more than a minute. But the marketing field have not left behind they have innovated, improvised and restructured their efforts. One of such marketing strategy is the Web Key.

I bet not many of us are not even aware of the word “Web Key” let alone its utility. Let me explain a Web key is just like a USB drive look wise except it does not have an internal memory flash drive.

Now what it does? A Web key just like a USB drive when you insert it to a computer it opens a URL (uniform Resource Locater) i.e. address of a website for which it is promoted. It contains a program inside it which when inserted in to a computer gets activated immediately and directs the user to the website that the device promotes.

Now I think you have enough idea of what a USB Web Key is. So let’s take a view where can this Web key be used as a promotional product or as a marketing tool on trade shows, conferences and meetings? The answer is yes. For a product to be used a promotional product the important aspects to be looked into are affordability. Web Keys being extremely cheap compared to USB drive are very affordable option in itself. Since they lack the internal flash memory they tend to be very cost effective.

Second aspect is the attainment of objective for which they are provided or object oriented. The ultimate objective of any promotional product is spreading awareness regarding the promoter’s products or its company. The Web key does exactly and only that. As discussed above once the Web key is inserted it directs the user the website of the promoter or which the promoter has promoted.

There is another advantage of the Web key which is that in includes a file which keeps the track to provide with statistics on the number of people who have visited the website via web key. This way the promoter can analyze whether the promotion via Web key was successful or not.

Well since every coin has two side, the Web key has one of the major disadvantage in the form of lack of flash internal memory. The lack of internal memory not only affects the utility attraction of the device but also is disregarded by many users after one time use. But, one the brighter side it is still one of the cheapest techno savvy device for low budget organization.