We live in а democratic society which is based on the autonomy of the individual and their rights and freedoms. Freedom allows every citizen equality with other citizens and active role in the politic life of one, it creates responsibility to themselves, to others and to the political environment on the other. Unfortunately, we are often faced with violation of human rights just because of gender. Celine DUI Lawyer Ottawa think that women have the same rights and freedoms as men.


Being a citizen means to be a responsible person who enjoys rights and freedoms. In such a civil society governed by the rule of law, which the freedoms and rights gives a primary character and properties limited state power.

From here you can see that freedoms and rights are not a product of the state, but a category of nature of the individual to be a free and equal human beings. Humans hold certain rights, just by the fact that they are humans. Considering the fact that women are human beings suggests that they should have the same rights as men and be able to enjoy them. But why are there women’s rights considered as separate rights? Aren’t human rights supposed to be equal for both men and women?  Unfortunately, the reality is different. Inequality between men and women has a long tradition, and it is common in lots of countries around the world. Feminist movements are those that will gain the rights of women. Nowadays, most a lot of international organizations are sponsored by one or more countries. Limiting the rights of women is terror. It is a crime just like any other type of crime. Women are equal as men and they have the same rights as them.

But what can we do to protect women? There are hundreds of organizations that fight for the rights of women all around the world. If you are a supporter, do not be afraid to join such organizations. Do you think that it is fair not to let women have their own opinion or a right to vote? Yes, you read that right, there are countries that do not allow women to vote. How cruel is that? Enjoying the rights that all citizens do makes you feel human, it makes you feel useful for the society.

Non – political organizations that defend the rights of women are fully supported by governments of different countries and most of the times they become sponsors or their activities and give them an encouragement in the form of financial assistance, and protection.

Every person who thinks that some of their rights were violated just because of their gender should immediately report that case to organizations or the government. This is something that should not be tolerated. If you do not do anything about it, it will mean that you agree with the behavior or the treatment you were given.