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Are you visiting London in the near future? Have you thought of your accommodation option? Well, most people, just like you, would prefer to choose the traditional option of a hotel room. Regardless of what the purpose of their visit to the city, be it a business trip or a holiday programme with your family, hotels can be quite an expensive choice, especially if you want to extend your stay in a city like London.

In that case, the London short stay apartments are a much better choice than the hotels. They are way more comfortable and more convenient than the hotel rooms. In fact, if you think wisely, you will find that these short stay apartments are way more cost-efficient than the hotel rooms.

About the serviced apartments:

Nowadays, the term serviced apartments are slowly gaining popularity and more people, especially frequent travellers are switching to this accommodation option. But, there are still many, who do not have a clear concept of what these serviced apartments are all about. To answer there question, it can be said that these serviced apartments are home away from home. When you travel to a new city, you can enjoy the comforts and convenience of the home that you usually lack in a hotel room.

3 Reasons why you should choose a serviced apartment:

There are a number of reasons why these short stay serviced apartments London are a better choice for you. Here are a few of them.

  1. Prepare your food:

If you are diet conscious, if you are travelling with your family that includes kids as well as aged people, who have their own dietary requirements, these serviced apartments will help you to prepare your own food. The apartments have fully equipped kitchens, where you can cook food anytime of the day. As these apartments are located close to the main areas of the city, shopping for the grocery and raw materials is easy and you can prepare fresh food any time.

  1. Do your own laundry:

Laundry is one of the most important factors while you are travelling, especially for a longer period of time. If you access the professional laundry service or the hotel laundry, they will cost you huge. On the other hand, the London apartments short stay will offer you the additional facility of doing your own laundry.

  1. Comforts of the home:

The hotel rooms have a very limited space and it limits your movement. The serviced apartments are spacious, have a number of bedrooms, drawing and dining rooms that can accommodate your entire family. The kids can play around; you can enjoy cooking, watching television and have your meals with your family, without any trouble.

3 Reasons Why Short Stay Serviced Apartments London Are Better Than Hotels!


There are many reasons, why you need to choose the short stay serviced apartments London over the hotel rooms. These apartments will offer you all these facilities and amenities for a very low price, as compared to the price of the hotel room. Choose the apartment wisely and enjoy your stay in London.