The Unique Safari Tour

Alanya Tour really offers fantastic choices for the vacation in one of the cities in Turkey. While we are in Alanya, we have a chance to get the Alanya Jeep Safari . It is a unique adventure tour. The adventure with Jeep in a safari will be a challenging and exciting. Besides that, riding Jeep in a safari is a thrilling one. The beauty of the village and the life of the place will be part of the scenery.

The Unique Safari Tour

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The Alanya Jeep Safari

We need to spare a day to take the Alanya Jeep Safari. And then, our day will be full of road adventure and sightseeing. When we take this tour, we will get a special treat. It is started from the hotel that we stay. Then, we will not wonder how to get to the place. After arriving, we will jump into the jeep right away. The journey of the Jeep Safari is begun in the nomad tents. Next, we will go to the village where we will see the traditional house and the mosque. Besides that, we also can sightsee around the village and have the experience of a typical rural life.

After that, we take a break for lunch which will take place on the banks of Dim River. It is kind of nice that we will eat while see the beautiful river. After the lunch, we can cool down by doing swimming in the river. Otherwise, we can do that before lunch because the jeep ride surely is full of dust. We should not expect something fancy from this trip. The road will be narrow, dusty, and windy. But, we can go swimming on the river for cleaning and refreshing. It also will help us take a break from the heat of Mediterranean country.

The package for the Alanya Jeep Safari consists of pick-up and drop-back service. After we finish the tour, we will be dropped back to our place. This kind of service is very helpful, especially for the tourists who do not really know the city. As a full-day tour, there is a lunch service. We could have chicken BBQ for the lunch. As the Jeep, Safari is challenging and a little danger, we will get full insurance. Then, we will be provided a guide who can speak English, Russian and German.

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