San Diego is one of the best cities in America in terms of weather. In fact, anywhere in California is a lovely place to live. I just recently moved to Del Mar, CA, a beach city inside of San Diego County and absolutely love it. If you’re looking at homes for sale in Del Mar but can’t really make the commitment to make the move, I want to share with you some reasons to move to San Diego, CA.

The Weather is Absolutely Perfect. Always

I mentioned this at the beginning of the article, and it’s worth saying it again. The weather is beautiful! I moved to Del Mar in February from Tennessee. It was 30 degrees when I left Tennessee, and when I made it to California, it was 78 degrees. While the rest of the United States was going through winter, I was enjoying the warm sun and the beach.

5 Reasons You Should Move To Del Mar, CA

Spend Money on Something Other Than Mortgage/Rent

Although it is more expensive out in California, San Diego isn’t as expensive as Los Angelos or the Bay Area. My house payment was a pretty big jump compared to what I was paying in Tennessee, but it’s not as expensive as it could be like if I was living in Downtown Los Angelos. I was able to find an affordable home near the beach and couldn’t be happier.

The Beaches Dominate All Other Beaches

You won’t find people in downtown if the sun is shining. They’re at the beach! There’s a for all different kinds of people: go to Pacific Beach if you want the preppy, fraternity feel, go to Ocean Beach if you want to swim with homeless hippies, and Mission Beach is great for biking! There is even a dog beach so you can take your canine to enjoy the ocean. Just make sure your dog is either trained or fixed. They like to keep it PG Rated at the dog beach.

Comic-Con Shows the Nerd Side of San Diego

This is a convention held in San Diego that is comic book themed (Did the name give it away?). Nerds really come out of the wood works and all of downtown is running with Spidermans, Batmans, The Hulks, and more. What’s great is restaurants have different kinds of drinks that are super hero flavored. My favorite is The Hulk. Even if you are not a nerdy comic book kind of person, it still something worth celebrating and laughing at guys running around in skin hugging tights.

The Views Are Amazing

I have picture after of wonderful views. My favorite spot is a memorial spot of Pearl Harbor. When you are on top of it, you can see all of San Diego and into Mexico. La Jolla has some wonder views of the ocean as well. You can’t beat the views in San Diego: from Pacific Beach to La Jolla to Downtown, there’s a great view of something in San Diego.


Have I convinced you to move to San Diego? Like I said, I moved to Del Mar, and that’s where I recommend moving to. It’s more affordable than other parts of San Diego, and there aren’t as many homeless hippies or college parties going on. I hope to see you soon!